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8 Tips For Entrepreneurs To Maintain Stability During Pandemic

This 2020 pandemic has hit the economy very badly, especially the small businesses. Many companies had to shut off, lying off the employees as well. Covid-19 had become the reason of economic downfall nationwide and people are even scared to work and go out thus resulting in poor economic growth

By Mridulata Sen

8 Tips For Entrepreneurs To Maintain Stability During Pandemic

The Covid-19 spread is a challenge for many businesses and sad to say, the economic impact it has on startups and small businesses are devastating.

However, we all know that life has to move on and all we need to do is keep going for our livelihood.

So, to help all the entrepreneurs out there we have 8tips for you to cope up with the situation and survive the economic fall caused by COVID-19.

Let’s have a look:

1.Opt for a Business or Personal Loan:

If your company is in major loss then you can opt for a loan to stabilize your business. You just need to have good credit, and then the bank might consider the business or personal loan. Moreover, considering this lockdown our government has also introduced many new loan programs for small business entrepreneurs.

 2.Check for (PPP) Paycheck Protection Program:

This program was launched especially to provide funds to small businesses up to eight weeks of payroll costs. But with the condition that the money should be used only to pay employees, rents, utilities, or mortgage interest.

 3. Don’t give up and have trust in your business:

The overcome this crisis the one main thing an entrepreneur needs to get through is “emotional breakdown” and need to have “confidence”. Remember your confidence is your weapon that one can use and it will help you to cross the hurdles coming forward.

4.Start tracking the expenses against revenue status:

Tracking your expenses will help you conduct a proper calculation for the available resources you have with you. It will also show you a clear picture of where your company stands financially and you can plan ahead accordingly.

 5.Be in touch with your customers:

Having continuous communication with the customers will make keep them updated about the company and this way the customers will come up front to empathize with companies facing a crisis, however in this case the company should have transparent communication.

 6.Keep your team engaged:

Engagement is what you need to keep your employees feel safe about their jobs. You need to keep your staff updated about every single business fall or growth so that they are aware of what’s happening. This will not only keep them engaged but will also make them feel that they are important for your company. All this can be done through video conferencing tools such as Zoom and Google Hangouts. You need to keep the team spirit high.

 7.Plan for a huge come back:

One or the other day, everything will eventually come back to normalcy. So the first thing you need to do is a plan for your come back. You need to have great ideas and stuffs to offer as once things normalize you will no time to think and competition will be tough. To start with, evaluate the staffing well, analyze the costs, set new promotional advertisements to attract people in the crowd, and so on.

8.Have patience for the good time to start:

Time has to move on. It will never stop. You just need to wait for this difficult time to come to an end. This time too shall pass, try to stand united, and help each other all possible ways. Always remember the best things happen in the most difficult times.

 All these tips will definitely help you overcome the crisis. But nevertheless, it’s you, who can help yourself the best.

Self-faith is what you need now.


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