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Five Successful Female Entrepreneurs In India

Here are five successful women entrepreneurs from India, who inspire other women to do something important in their lives. Women are playing an important role in the expansion of the Indian economy. I am sure that you will be inspired after learning about the venture of the mentioned female entrepreneur.

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Five Successful Female Entrepreneurs In India

With the steady progress in the Indian startup organic system, a growing number of women are pursuing entrepreneurial dreams and succeeding in their endeavors. It is enabling other Indian women despite being obliged to have an independent approach to the job of a traditional housewife. Despite India being a male-dominated nation, it is a matter of pride to know that 14% of women are running successful businesses with full confidence. According to the National Survey, if we look globally, the growth of women is high, but if we talk about India, it is quite disappointing that only 8 million women have their enterprises while the global women's entrepreneur number is 126 million.

 Today I am going to share a list of five successful female entrepreneurs in India.

  • Aditi Gupta – Founder Of Menstrupedia

Aditi Gupta works for a social cause. People believe that menstruation is a subject that should not be talked about in public. The best part of her success is that her husband, Tuhin Paul, fully supports her to achieve the goal. Her venture is quite different from other entrepreneurs; there are many people who consider menstruation as prohibitive. Menstruation is a difficult time to bear, and women have to suffer from this painful condition every month. There are various things related to this which makes this situation more sensitive. She decides to create a website and start a campaign to educate women through it. She shares information about mental hygiene and helps them stay safe.

Akansha Anshu – Initiator Of

It is likely that you will not know about Akansha Anshu. There are very few women who are able to make their success story public. But you will be surprised to know that he is a successful entrepreneur. He created an ultimate platform for the traveler. There are many people who suffer from compensation issues or do not receive a refund amount so she uses her enterprise background and organizes She is specialized in technology, automation, and enterprise. In addition, he is a storyteller, explorer, and life coach. With she transfers her thoughts to the government and forces them to make changes to the Air Passenger Charter Act. Currently, she is running three enterprises.

Famous Success Stories Of Women 

Rati Batra – Founder of YourHR

Rati Batra is an innovator behind YourHr. He provides strategies to do great human resource management. she is the one who brings business development strategies and human resources together to a table. You can measure his success by her appearance at the GEC conference in 2019. She stands there as a symbol of the Indian delegation. She shares her thoughts on entrepreneurship and startup social culture. yourHR is famous among successful enterprises.

Falguni Nayar – Initiator of Nykaa

We all know about the latest brand Nykaa and we all use Nykaa brand products. But very few know about the founder of Nyaka - Falguni Nair. Nearly 20 years of her life, she has contributed to Kotak Mahindra Bank as an investor or contributor. Suddenly she quits her job and decides to pursue her dreams. She started as an online beauty product retailer. She sells her product with the help of social media and blogs. To date, she owns thirty-five Nykaa physical stores.

 Vandana Luthra – Founder Of VLCC

VLCC is a well-known beauty brand. The creator of this trusted brand is Vandana Luthra. He is a well-known personality throughout India. He has received the Padma Shri award for his great contribution to trade and industry. And she is the one who makes VLCC famous in the health and beauty category. She is also featured by Forbes Asia as a powerful businesswoman in a list of fifty power businesswomen.

These successful women entrepreneurs are the true ideal inspiration for Indians. They make us believe that we can achieve our dreams if we work devotedly to them.

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