How Pocket52 Became India's First Safest Online Pocker Platform

Pocker and other card games haven't drawn interest of the people because of some security and trust issues. Pocker52, a Bengaluru based online pocker platform came up with the solution for this and became India's first and world's fourth largest and safest online pocker platform.

By Mrid_Scripts

How Pocket52 Became India's First Safest Online Pocker Platform

If you go a few years back, you will notice that if a guy who is pocker player then he gets only one thing from his social surroundings, and that is nothing but a bad reputation. But now the scenario has been changed alot and people are showing their interest in this card game.

Nitesh Salvi, an enthusiastic pocker player, realised that those who are playing pocker online are not satisfied with the available options in the online pocker gaming platforms offered to them. Often, with his friends Satyam Verma, Debasheesh Bhattacharjee and Saurav Suman, he used to discuss about the best online platforms available for playing pocker. Along with this, they used to analyse about Indian online pocker platforms. They felt that in India, people generally are less confident in online pocker platforms. The main reason behind this was that pocker companies used to run on leased softwares on which they did not have their own control over their features like new releases as well as user experience.

The motive to remove these faults of online pocker platforms and provide the users with all those features they want, led to the establishment of Pocket52 in 2018, a Bengaluru-based startup. Pocket52 is claimed to be India's first online pocker platform which is cryptographically secure.
For this, they required a trusted random number generator. They, therefore, came up with Random Number Generator (RNG) algorithm which was cryptographically secure. iTech, an Australian firm, certified Pocker52 for this RNG algorithm because it removed all the trust issues of this game and ensured fair play.

Angel Investments For Pocket52

In July 2018, Abhigya Sagar, who is one of the top pocker players in India, came in the contact with the Pocker52 team. Being impressed with the RNG technology and product development of Pocker52, he joined the team as a core team member and an angel investor.
In the opinion of Nitesh, the founder of Pocker52," Player liquidity and growing a homegrown pocker product, these are two important things which online Indian pocker companies fail to undeerstand or many time compromise with these. Growing a homegrown product is safe and secure because a user and developer knows much better about homegrown products more than those which are developed by foreign firms. Pocker52 fulfills all these things."

Helping Other Gaming Platforms To Grow

Now Pocker52 has more than 2000 pocker multi-table tournaments (MTTs) and offers the guaranteed rewards of worth 4.5 crore rupees. Along with this, it is world's fourth largest cryptographically secured online pocker platform. It is claimed that more than 700 pocker cash tables run on its platform at any instant of time.This platform offers plug-an-play services to other online gaming firms to integrate with Pocker52. It helps those firms to grow. For this, it collects the customers from all the platforms as well as pools and gives them facility to play real time game, it dosen't matter from where they have logged in.

This year, in June, Pocket52 raised the funds of $1.75 million from Gameskraft. Pocket52 has pointed upto 25% per month growth and 5 times more growth in the user base in previous three months.

Famous Personalities Investing For Pocket52

Pocket52 has Vicky Chandhok, formula 1 racing champion and former president of FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India), Mehul Agrawal, COO and Co-founder of Cars 24, Vijay Jacob, the director of New Quest Partners and many other entrepreneurs in the list of investors for Pocket52. 

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