Latest News Promotes Women Empowerment In Gujarat By Launching All-Women Delivery station

Today morning Amazon India announced that it has set up an all-women delivery station in Kadi, Gujarat. Kadi is located about 50 kilometers away from the Ahmedabad. The new all-women delivery station is the second initiative by Amazon India after Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This station will completely be managed and run by women. The delivery will also be done by women.

By Mridulata Sen Promotes Women Empowerment In Gujarat By Launching All-Women Delivery station

Today’s generation is gender-biased especially when it comes to employment in India. Women are always considered less efficient in corporate sectors. There are only a handful of organizations that actually work on “Gender Equality”. One such organization is this most popular e-commerce website Amazon India, which has taken an initiative to launch a women delivery station in Gujrat.

This step by the giant e-commerce company has proved that women are not less than anyone and can do anything the same as others can if given a chance! The company even said that it had taken all necessary measures to ensure a safe workplace for women and had created awareness and feedback mechanisms to address their concerns in an open platform.

Let’s know it detail and feel how amazing the initiative is:

To start with, as of now eight women have been hired and many more to go. Also, a helpline number is created for all the lady associates who will deliver packages within a 2-5km radius of the delivery station.

"Our vision is to enable women to discover meaningful career opportunities across the operations network at Amazon India. We have created more than 6,000 opportunities for women across our network where they continue to thrive and excel," Prakash Rochlani, Director, Last Mile Operations at Amazon India, said.

The company even mentioned that they will provide employment opportunities to more than 200 women across. They will even provide opportunities for former defense personnel and specially-abled people. To let you all know this is not the first time that Amazon India has done something like this In 2016 also the company had launched its first all-women delivery station in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

The company official said it has created opportunities for over 200 women across its requirement network in the state and now it has gone a furthermore step and opened a delivery station that is completely run and managed by transgender individuals.

After hearing all this the only thing that comes in my mind being a woman is that “I’m proud to be a Woman, I’m not less than anyone or any Gender, I’m me and myself.” However, sad but true that there are only a few companies that think to boost women's empowerment. If all companies start to work like this we will soon climb the economic ladder soon.

Having said that, we are glad that Amazon India is taking these steps! 

However, one question that trips my mind is why the company has to open a women's delivery station? Why they are not including women, in general, to work equally?

It’s clear that women can do all jobs so then why not hire them generally instead of opening a station just for them? 

Just after thinking like this the second thought that comes in my mind is our biased culture! Where a woman is never considered right to match shoulders equally with Men. At least with all women's work stations, a woman can work without limitation and restriction. The eyes to watch her while working will also be comfortable to see. Our own families sometimes play a vital role in this they are the once who uproot this biased teachings so why to blame others? Rather work in a women-friendly environment!

Amazon India is definitely setting benchmarks when it comes to women's employment!



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