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How This Self Made Girl Earns Rs 10 Lakh Per Month From Her Instagram And Blog?

When you see successful people, don't be alarmed by Harvard's degrees and detailed resumes, as there are many names who have had small beginnings and no business education to support them. Believe it or not, Ashna Sharoof, one of the biggest names in Indian fashion and beauty bloggers, was once a preschool teacher at EuroKids. But her heart was not in it.

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How This Self Made Girl Earns Rs 10 Lakh Per Month From Her Instagram And Blog?

Aashna identified her phone in fashion at a time when she was frustrated and stressed with her work and did not want to pursue it. Today, she is living a dream life that takes her place and allows her to have everything she wants. Rs 5 to 10 lakh a month comes through his blog The Snow Journal, which has 551,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Single mother and childhood burden

In an interview with BeerBiceps, Aashna recalled her childhood, which made her what she is today. Her mother divorced when Aashna didn't even give birth. Her mother decided to work and raise her daughter while living with her parents and sister, who have Down's syndrome. Her mother worked and sweated constantly to support a family that depended entirely on her income. There were times when the family only had 1,500 rupees to survive without looking forward. Such difficulties sparked a sense of responsibility in Aashna from the start, and she knew that she would soon be as independent and independent as her mother.

In addition to internships, she studied at Eurokids and wanted to become a kindergarten teacher. But we all know how plans often work. At one point in her job, she realized that the job was not for her, so she took a break to find out what she wanted. His profession has always been in fashion. Although she taught children, she thought a lot about what to wear.

New Beginning

Aashna decided to create an online store called Snob Shop by creating a Facebook page. It was fashionable to import clothes and fashion accessories from China and then sell them online. Growth was slow, but it made him motivated. In time, she started posting pictures of her clothes and people began to recognize her.

His entertainment was now receiving recognition from Internet users. "Ah, you have a unique style. You have to start your own blog," someone commented. And then such comments began to encourage Aashna to start her own blog, something she was also fascinated by. This is how Snob Magazine was created five years ago.

He said the key to creating your blog is to understand who loves you the most because you need to create content under the same umbrella. Keep creating content no matter what and be patient because it will be a long time before you start earning money.

Paid work first appeared on the Aashna blog after a year and a launch. "Circus of India gave me 5,000 rupees for a blog post and three Instagram posts." I really like I finally got the money from my entertainment (read interest).

About six months after the appearance of the first paid blog, it became difficult. Aashna will take a lot of time and effort to blog, but it does not provide enough money to support that. He does not care about his online store, which is also a good source of income. That's when his mother suggested he close his blog and focus on the store.

They all have a big argument because Aashna doesn’t want to close her blog. He believes that things will get better if he does not take it seriously and with more effort and effort. Dedication and “warmth” (as it is called) can work and soon its fan starts to grow. This means that it receives all the attention from customers and brands.

Today, she has 551,000 followers on Instagram alone who absolutely love his blog and brand campaign. "When it comes to numbers, I earn between 5 and 10 lakhs a month. I am self-employed, I do not work for anyone, so some months are great and others are routine," she says. 

Aashna is a strong advocate for hard work and demonstration. She says that if you stay positive and are on the side of the good guys, you will sooner or later succeed. You have to be patient and keep learning. Be honest with yourself and work hard to reach your goals.

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