Nilay Patel's Startup Giving A Digitally Easy Life To Rural Population- Paisa Nikal App

Nilay Patel invented Easy Pay and Paisa nikal app which have succeeded even further in this covid-19 lockdown.

By Gouri

Nilay Patel's Startup Giving A Digitally Easy Life To Rural Population- Paisa Nikal App

Every day new apps are emerging and many people download them according to their needs. But only a few get popularity and are used by millions of people. Nilay Patel is an engineer and graduated from Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, Australia in 2002 after doing IT. He served there for a few years and then came back to India.

On his return, he realized that the banks had gained popularity only in urban areas but rural areas were still lacking the facilities. Banks did not have penetrated the rural areas well and they were difficult to be approached by less educated people. 
So he came up with the idea of creating such an app that could operate in the vicinity of a street. A digital platform was established Called Easy pay in 2014. began creating the digital infrastructure for Kiranas. Paisa Nikal was launched four years later after Easy pay in 2018. 

The quick spread

Their app has a widespread network in 12 states right now and they plan to expand it even further to reach maximum people and more value-added services enabled by AWS Cloud and a User Experience Center with a multilingual support team will be provided soon in a period of few months which was disclosed by the founder- Nilay Patel.

Covid-19 bringing the expansion

During covid-19 as the banks were closed, it was very difficult for daily wage earners to get money by ATM even in the urban areas, and here Easy Pay app came into play. The transactions through the app increased drastically that is around 20× from March 2020 to June 2020.  More than 1.2 million merchants have downloaded the Paisa Nikal app, and half-a-million merchants have been onboard, who in turn have served 15 million consumers over the last six months. The startup has recorded transactions of over 10 million in the last six-seven months and has been widely adopted in northern India but they are also expanding their app in central and eastern India. 
Charges on the transactions

Unlike bank transactions, the Paisa nikal app charges some for transaction and transfer and this is the source for earning of merchants and retailers. The app has been also offering a reward system for downloading and using the app for attracting more users.  

Growth and Maintenance

Fast growth needs fast services and providing complete satisfaction to the customers. For that, they relied on the technology of AWS services to achieve high availability, security, and scalability and they use Amazon Cloud Front, Application Load Balancers, and Amazon Aurora. Before that, the app was taking around 35 seconds for transportation but now it takes only 5 seconds. And keep an eye on the statics has become easier because the report could be ready in 2 minutes unlike before which took a minimum of 3 days.
Easy Pay has onboarded half-a-million retailers across 6,000 pin codes, and support 35 million transactions annually. The app is now competing with other well known apps used in India as PayTM, Mswipe, BharatPe, and PhonePe. We look forward to a digitally better India.  

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