Canva is a simple, free graphic designing tool. If you look a few years back, designing something was not an easy task and people were bound to buy expensive software in order to design something for their business. With the launch of Canva, designing has become simpler and cheaper. This technology was developed in August 2012 with the aim of helping large number of people throughout the world. Melanie Perkins- the co-founder of Canva realized the need for the development of a software which could make designing easier. This software permits people to design business cards, posters, birthday cards, and other graphics without charging anything.


Early Life:

The idea of developing this kind of a tool actually originated from a different idea. In the year 2007, while Melanie Perkins was teaching his students about how to design something with the use of Photoshop and InDesigns, he comprehended that for most of his students it was difficult to understand these topics. In order to make them understand well he and Cliff Obrecht (co-founder) developed an online tool called “Fusion Books”. The success of Fusion Books boosted their confidence and they thought of developing something which could be helpful for a larger audience. This led to the founding of Canva in August 2012. Then, they started looking for another co-founder who had great technical knowledge about designs and their search ended to Cameron Adams who was the lead designer at Google Wave.


The straightforward and better approach to designing anything made Canva very successful software in the market. The success stories are many. Once the software was launched into the market it proved its excellence to the audience. Let’s take a look at how Canva gradually became the ruler of the other designing software.\

  • Rise

The first ever fund this product got was worth USD 3-million because of its potential from innumerable investors. The funds this product got when it was just founded was biggest achievement. It enhanced the confidence of the team working on it. It was launched for public in May 2013. The best part about this product was that it was affordable and could design things in a simpler way than other softwares. Due to these attributes of the software, Canva got more than half million users within few months.


By April 2014, Canva was in the headlines of every newspaper, when Apple’s former chief evangelist was involved in advertising this product. By July 2014, they launched a “Canva Button” which just with a single click could help users design their website. As days passed by, Canva became more and more successful and there was no looking back for them.

  • Fall

Canva has not seen any falls as such. If we go through the graph we can clearly see the exponential growth of this product since the day it was launched. Till now it is one of most preferred software for designing anything.

Awards and Achievements:

This company is quite new in the market. The success and the feedbacks it has got from the users all over the world is itself an achievement for the company. It has been hardly 3 years since its launch and:

  • This company has grown day by day reached to a valuation of more than USD 13-million at present.
  • More than 600,000 users are using this software for designing.
  • Canva has created more than 3.5 million designs till date.

These statistics show the brilliant business prospects of the software in the market. USA, Australia, UK, Canada and India are among the top users for their services.

This company is quite new in the market but their well-planned strategy and the exponential increase in the number of users is going to take this business to a different level.

Faber is a VTVINDIA correspondent
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