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“Imaging for Clinching the Best”

Here we have Madiha Rasool who has different tone and notions for images. A venture specifically for image management and in turn enhancing soft skills directly. We got a chance to interact with this personality to know more about his enterprise:

VTV India: What type of services offered by your enterprise for the public?

Madiha: My Company is working solely on image management and soft skills.

VTV India: What were the series of incidents which led you to make this organisation?

Madiha: The basic definition of economics somewhere boosts and motivates me a lot. It states the branch of science of wants and desires. Yes, I too had a desire to grow and this attitude made me to start this venture.

VTV India: What is the philosophy of life?

Madiha: For me, my principles to combat with life’s tough times and good times are perseverance and passion to catch your dreams which can be enabled only when you show the spark to achieve something.

VTV India: What were the things which stopped or bringing restrictions or resilience?

Madiha: I am from Meerut and people here hugely engaged with different activities. You won’t find youth as they are outside either pursuing some education or busy with their jobs. My idea was to make people prepare for the things they need in terms of soft skills for jobs. This can be a boom to start any venture on image management but what if there’s deprivation for those you are focussing on i.e. Youths. Installing this idea in the vicinity of Meerut was the biggest hindrance I observed. 

VTV India: What were the steps taken by you or infront of you to tackle these challenges? 

Madiha: Networking came as a biggest key to handle such problems and it helps to get the target audience in a much better way.

VTV India: What were your financial actions taken in terms of investment?

Madiha: I think I am self-sufficient to start this organisation and need no financial assistance from any external entity.

VTV India: Which are must characteristics one need to handle and get success?

Madiha: I would like to answer thing in terms of niche my organisations offer and i.e. image management and image setup. It is the appropriate dressing garnered with behaviour and above all Down to Earth nature/character.

VTV India: Top 5 mobile applications you use personally?

Madiha: Not 5 are there in my life (smiles), but some of them are:

  1. Whatsapp
  2. Truecaller
  3. Paytm

(On a lighter note) Obviously you need digital wallet to see your payments.

VTV India: Any online tool you are using as acumen to extend your business in digital platform?

Madiha: Online tools are needed in terms of service to keep a check about what people are reading about you and your work. So, specifically I use:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram

VTV India: Any tips on increasing productivity?

Madiha: Life gives hard times often and one has to handle them without getting demotivated as it can affect productivity badly.

VTV India: What habits you changed in yourself to be more productive?

Madiha: You cannot excel in life unless you come out of your comfort zone. So, for me, this thing which made me to give more productivity.

VTV India: What you would like to change in yourself?

Madiha: I struggle with time management a lot and this is the side of my life which has to be improved with greater extent.

VTV India: Any plans to diversify in other businesses? 

Madiha: I haven’t given an thought on this thing for any kind of expansion in geographical level. However, for social media things need to be assessed.

 VTV India: Let’s go for some quick answers (one liner):

  • One success tip

Madiha: Self-Motivation

VTV India: – Biggest Mistake of Life

Madiha: Not Studying for Masters

VTV India: Greatest Learning of Business

Madiha: Enhancement

VTV India: One message to new startups or entrepreneurs.

Madiha: Get the basics first of 3Ps i.e. Purpose, Process, Pay off

VTV India: Share a quote that inspires you the most.

Madiha: United we stand.

Faber is a VTVINDIA correspondent


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