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Mahesh Singhi, a simple human being with very little knowledge of banking and investments is now the founder of most successful mid-market investment banks in India.  This renowned personality who belongs to Jodhpur, Rajasthan was born on 1st August, 1965. He had never planned to make his career in this field, it was his destiny which suddenly brought him into the field of investment banking. After going to Mumbai in 1989, Mahesh Singhi started his journey by taking a small table space in an office complex. From there he started working hard on his projects and finally entered into the financial world.

Mahesh completed his degree of engineering from Malaviya National Institute of Technology in the field of Mechanical Engineering. He had a very humble beginning, he himself was not sure of what he wanted to do further. After he completed his studies he first joined “LML Vespa” in Kanpur, later he moved to Nagpur where he worked in “Ferro Alloys”. He was not satisfied with the salary he used to get so he kept on moving from one firm to another for more salary. He kept on changing his jobs until he entered into this financial world. And once he was into it he created history.The way he expanded his business and took it to new heights is admired by everyone.

Although he didn’t have the formal qualifications required for setting up such a business, it did not affect his success. With the motto of moving forward he took his business to a different level. Now, it was not just limited to fund-raising but a lot more. Private equity, mergers and acquisition, due diligence, loan syndication, turnaround management and many other things were included in the business.

To reach this level Mahesh had to start with something. Let’s take a look on how he started his journey.

Mahesh first started with the work of project consultancy in Mumbai. After attending the IMTEX engineering machinery show he got a major project. Apart from doing this work of project consultancy he also began to help first time SME entrepreneurs to transform their projects from concepts to commissioning. This little success boosted his confidence level and he kept on working hard in the field of project consultancy.

Till 1996 he was alone but after that he formed a team of six people who now started working together. Since, he had helping hands, now he had time to look into other areas also apart from project consultancy.

Some dear ones advised Mahesh to start a business in finance, and although he was not that educated as per the requirements. This step was his masterstroke and it took him and his business to a different level of success.


Image Credit: www.dealcurry.com

He entered into the competitive financial advisory business which was not only restricted to fund-raising. While this business was in progress he moved his office to a better place from the suburbs. He now had an office in the corporate heart of Mumbai.

Mahesh has not seen any falls as such but his journey was full of challenges. And he successfully managed to overcome all the problems and difficulties which came on his way. There were difficulties throughout, be it the loss of staff in the six membered team, or his team member starting a rival business, Mahesh has beautifully tackled all these problems.

He along with his wife who is also a director on the board have proved that if we are dedicated towards any work, no one can stop us from being successful.

He has received a number of awards for his skill and hard work. His reputation today in the country is the biggest award he can get.

  • He is an esteemed member of several organizations like FCCI, AIAI, IFA, and Institute of Chartered Engineers.
  • He was the Former Director, Member of Audit Committee and Member of Remuneration Committee Pioneer Embroideries Ltd.

Few achievements are for the team “Singhi Advisors” as a whole. They are:

  • Listed among the top 5 M & A advisory firms in India
  • It was ranked 6th by the volume of deals closed
  • It is the only Indian company which became the member/equal owner of ‘Mergers Alliance’. Mergers Alliance is ranked 16th in the global M & A league.

Mahesh Singhi is a remarkable personality. His journey from a simple middle class man to a successful business entrepreneur is inspirational to everyone.

Faber is a VTVINDIA correspondent
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