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MP Village Girl With Startup TutorCabin Makes Coaching More Accessible And Better

Neha Mujawdiya from the village of Melkheda in the Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh has always feared that she would end up like most girls in Indian villages: she married at a young age and had no freedom to pursue her dreams, but devoted her life to family self-sufficiency. However, Neha decided to break the cycle and started a startup called TutorCabin that offers urban coaching courses at affordable prices.

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MP Village Girl With Startup TutorCabin Makes Coaching More Accessible And Better

After graduating near her hometown, Neha did her MBA and ACA in Indore, but her family insisted she returns home. She said, "Because people made fun of my family because they sent me to town alone, my parents kept asking me to come back."

Neha discovered that parents spend an exorbitant amount of money on their children's education courses, but they have not achieved great results. Neha explained, “There is a lack of quality in education, which makes classes boring for students."

Neha also recognized that school children in small villages do not have the privilege of having access to resources that contribute to better education and that financial constraints or social stigma mean that not all can move to the cities for girls to get an education and work alone to send. “If they (small-town boys and girls) can't leave the cities to study, why can't they study the resources to go to the cities? Neha explained the idea that led her to start TutorCabin in October 2018 after around five years of experience and research in student coaching.

About TutorCabin

TutorCabin is an online “complete educational solutions” platform that not only bridges the gap between teachers and students but also trains teachers before they start training at TutorCabin. Students also take various tests to understand their interests and abilities and are then assigned to teachers accordingly.

“Although all children have the same intellectual abilities, each has their likes and dislikes. Some are more interested in math and others in other subjects. That is why we make sure that students take the subjects that interest them and therefore provide better lessons, ”says Neha, adding that there are different teachers and classes for different educational authorities, from primary to secondary.

TutorCabin employs 1,500 teachers and trains thousands of students in India, as well as in several foreign cities, such as the United States. To date, offline submissions have been made available in cities such as Bhopal, Indore, and nearby Madhya Pradesh. Neha said: "The cost of such training is very affordable, so rural students can afford it, but we are not focusing on quality."

Free training

In addition to running affordable teaching courses, Neha also offers free English courses to anyone interested. He said English is an international language and that English is a barrier for students in small towns. Free teaching helps students gain confidence and do well in their lives. "I come from a small town and finished school in Hindi, so I know the pain of not knowing English. But now I know that language and I go to free lectures for spoken English," Neha said.

To date, the course has had thousands of students and is excellent in academic and professional teaching. In addition to free English-speaking classes, Neha also offers free tuition to those who have lost their parents to the coronavirus and has provided approximately 150 students in India.

Neha said TutorCabin generates more than Shs. 22 million this financial year. "In the last financial year, we managed to earn 22 lakh revenue, but now we are in the middle of the financial year and we have already surpassed that revenue." We hope to double this year, ”she said. that money is a secondary goal. 

Change the perspective of society

Although Neha's parents had previously accepted peer pressure and tried to send her home, they are now proud of her achievements. She shines and says, “Now they are proud of me, and some villagers advise me to educate their children. Thank you, many girls have the opportunity to continue their education in my hometown and in the surrounding cities ”.

Awards and Achievements

TutorCabin has received numerous awards for outstanding work. She was recognized as one of the Top 60 Founders by Kuberans House and won $ 5,000 as cash prizes. In addition, IIM Bangalore recognized it as an excellent start to educational technology and a "social need". In addition, it has been selected by the Government of India and the SME Council of India to improve the education system in India and provide quality education.

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