The art of love is very juvenile. From love at first sight to the hesitant first date, it is a quite an interesting journey. Dating seemed like quite a lengthy process in the past decade. But now, with a simple tap on the phone, we can find an interesting romantic partner. All hail to the dating apps. In the past 3 years, a large number of dating apps have been developed. But, with revenue methods kicking in, and some malpractices, these apps soon turned quite disturbing. So, like guardian angels, two blessed people developed the Jehovah of all dating apps, Tinder. A simple left and right swipe determined the dating destiny of love seekers. Tinder is truly, the best among all the dating apps present today. With its unique method of Facebook synchronization, it is very secure and easy to use. Another aspect that gives an upper edge to Tinder is their policy of no ads.


It was September 2012, when the CEO and Co-Founder Sean Rad, along with Jonathan Badeen & Justin Mateen laid the initial foundation of this wonderful app. Sean had been a technology enthusiast and very soon he understood the existing gap in the field of online dating. So with, the idea of an all in one app in mind, they created Tinder at Hatch labs, which was a mobile incubator supported by InterActiveCorp & Xtreme Labs.


This app was primarily launched among a group of 300 people in University of Southern California. It was a quite an astonishment when they reached 1000 downloads in just a weeks’ time. This laid the groundwork for the success ride of Tinder. The swipe rate grew in heaps and loads, which ended up at a roaring 13 billion, download in just a year. It was quite an achievement when they got up to 3 billion swipes in the month of August.

In a period of just two years, Tinder has achieved continuous success and their success ride was advancing at a very fast pace.


Image Credit: www.independent.co.uk

Achievements & Other Investments during the initial 2 years:

Tinder crossed a million downloads in many countries. People started using it on a regular basis. Even, the atmosphere of India could not stop the youngsters from downloading this app. Though Tinder had reached remarkable success in the initial years itself, following are some of the major milestones in their success story.

  • At the age of 18 months, their statistics showed 50% regular users, 75% weekly users and 85% monthly users.
  • Team Tinder initiated the creation of another app “Matchmaker” that performed the primal matchmaking procedures in the social king “Facebook” itself.
  • The popularity of Tinder reached a roaring 400% swipe rate, when Miss USA, Jamie Anderson joined it.


Tinder had received remarkable success in its initial years, but the success ride came to an abrupt stop when IAC bought the minority stakeholders at a valuation of USD 500 million. The swipe culture of this wonder app gradually lost its charm and now it hardly shows any positive statistic. But again, Tinder has risen and is still one of the most used dating apps in the world.

Faber is a VTVINDIA correspondent
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