What is VTV INDIA?

VTV INDIA is an online community/platform that features exclusive interviews and success stories of entrepreneurs – new and old along with the latest news in the business-savvy world such that we could inspire the entrepreneurs in the making.

What is the purpose behind launching such a platform

Call it aim or purpose, we look forward to inspiring young individuals such that they could achieve their goals and become the person they always dreamed to be.

How can I get my Interview published?

Please drop us an email or connect with us via “Contact Us” as mentioned on our website and one of our team members would surely get back to you within 48hrs. You can also leave us a message on one of our social media profiles along with an email address and your company website. We follow a very simple process. We share an online link to our questionnaire with you once our analysts and experts are through with the initial review. You shall only need to fill-up the answers and submit the form back to us. Our team would review and publish it on our platform once your responses have been checked and verified.

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