About Us

VTV INDIA is an idea, a platform where we try and depict the lives of those who have inspired many but started out just like you. From budding entrepreneurs to the established ones, we have them all, from around the world – sharing their success stories including the rise and falls in their journey of being an entrepreneur. The thought behind VTV INDIA was building a community of individuals, entrepreneurs, and people, who wish to do something great in their life. Those very people, who have within them a vision of a better future but, are scared from inside of falling down.

The success stories, interviews, and challenges of these featured people can be an inspiration to youngsters and professionals to work for their dreams or concepts that can bring a change in the market or society. In our bid to help such people, we present you interviews and success stories of some great evangelists from around the globe, who faced the same sickening anxiety in the beginning but overcame it to become the inspiration for millions, as they are now.

We started this portal with only one thought in our minds and that is to “Inspire” people in the right direction. Inspire and embellish young and old entrepreneurs alike to help them reach their dreams by letting them realize that it is better to follow their dream, rather than following someone’s orders all their life. And even if they fail, they can have the courage to reunite and think that what better alternates would have been to live?

Here some words of inspiration from “The Hero of Millennium” – Mr. Amitabh Bacchan


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