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Meet The Changemaker Who Is Introducing Tech-Driven Education In Government Schools In Karnataka!

Ashwini Doddalingappanavar is the changemaker who is introducing tech-driven education that too in government schools in Karnataka. What an amazing initiative! Isn’t it?

By Mridulata Sen

Meet The Changemaker Who Is Introducing Tech-Driven Education In Government Schools In Karnataka!

Ashwini Doddalingappanavar is the changemaker who works as an implementation associate with the Meghshala Trust and is one among 10 women featured in Lenovo’s New Realities project.

The title changemaker is made just for her itself!

She is from a small village called Kurugovinakoppa in the Hubballi region of Karnataka and was just 15 when her parents thought of getting her married. However, that is not what she wanted. With all the struggles and barriers she managed to complete her education and Meghshala Trust. She becomes a changemaker in her own right. Her every bit of this journey was lined with hurdles, stereotypes mindsets, and negativity.

But nevertheless, she made it happen right for her in just two-and-a-half years! Yes in just two and half years Ashwini’s work has been featured in Lenovo’s New Realities Project. This project basically gives a voice to 10 amazing women who are changing the world and using technology to drive empathy during the COVID-19 pandemic! Wow-what an achievement at the age of twenty-three.

Not only that, Championed by the UN’s Girl Up foundation and international filmmaker Ava DuVernay depicts the story of Ashwini, her struggles, and how she is an inspiration for the girls in her village and the region.

The best part is before it is too late this girl understood the importance of standing on her own feet and be independent!

In the year 2017, she managed to complete her BA in English Literature but soon she found that she was lacking in a number of skills and her parents still were focused on her getting married. After a lot of discussions and arguments with her family, she somehow managed to approach the Deshpande Foundation for a four-month course in soft skills with just Rs 5,000 in her pocket. To let you know that is hardly enough money to pay the fees and hostel stay.

In one of her interviews once she even recalled her days stating that- “My parents thought it was a waste of time spent on a girl’s education. But I was determined. I approached the authorities and told them this is the money I have and I would like to complete the course in two months. They agreed and I joined the senior batch and learned computers, picked up English speaking skills and soft skills.”
Finally, after completion of the course, she received a job offer from The Meghshala Trust.

Her journey began here.

She was posted in Hubballi initially and later shifted to Bengaluru to continue to work. As an implementation associate her work at Meghshala was to visit a number of government schools every month to initiate teachers across Grade 1 to 8 into adopting technology for a better classroom experience.

She even stated that approximately she visits 25 schools once or sometimes even twice a month. Now she is working from home, teaching the teachers online on how to use the app, make video lessons, and send to the students. We must say that Ashwini is not only an inspiration for herself but for all the girls in her village to dream big.

“I believe there should be more awareness in the community to bring about change and the onus is on the girls too to speak up and take a stance,” she says.

She will still continue to make the change she wishes to see in this world.

I hope this story helps to motivate you to choose your way out. Till then stay tuned for further upcoming updates.


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