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How Work From Home Is Affecting Mental Health Of Women In Coronavirus Times ??

Work from home is helping the professional people in working their work without going to office and decreasing the chances of cross of COVID-19, but at other side, it is badly affecting the mental health of them, specially women. How? Let's see.

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How Work From Home Is Affecting Mental Health Of Women In Coronavirus Times ??

This COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyle in many ways. Undoubtedly it has made us health-conscious and also brought lots of changes in the professional working patterns. WORK FROM HOME is one of these. On one hand, this work from home is curtailing the chances of getting affected by this virus, and it is giving relief from the hard and fast rules of offices. On another hand, work from home is badly affecting our life. In the case of women, it is getting worse. Let's see, how?

There is 'n' number of causes due to which it is getting worse for women's mental health. Some of these are physical distancing, uncertainty, self-isolation, and remaining inside the home, etc. These factors have led lots of working women and college and school students suffering from mental health issues.
In accordance with a statement by Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the UN," Nowadays people are suffering from several problems simultaneously. Many people are in grief because they lost their loved ones. A large population became the victim of anxiety because they had been laid off from their jobs, lots of people are in stress because of fear of the future and uncertainty. This has badly ruined the family conditions of people because these things have led to disputes in families."

According to a survey 'Microsoft's latest Work Trend Index', carried out over 6000 first-line workers working in eight companies in India, Japan, Australia, and Singapore, 85% of them are facing increased burnout because of lack of separation between work and their own personal life.
This 'Work From Home' mode is hitting women hard and their household work and professional life have been muddled up.

Responsibilities Overloaded

Work from home is resulting in an overload of responsibilities on women's shoulders. The women living in gated communities in cities like Delhi, and don't have any help in household work and parenting of their kids, are severely affected.
Varsha, a 32-year-old financial professional, says," We have a large number of cases in our society, it has become very hard to manage without any help at home. My husband works on a shift different from mine. When I'm working, cooking, and looking after the children, he is sleeping."

No Boundaries When Work

This is the biggest drawback of work from home. According to most of the women, there are no boundaries when it comes to timings of work. 9-5 schedule of jobs has now become the thing of the past and they are expected to be on video conference for a long time, sometimes even late into the night. The blue light of the screen is badly affecting eyesight and sleep. The organizations are struggling to remain profitable are increasing the working hours of employees as well as the uncertainty of timings. Employees can't complain about long working hours because of the fear of losing their jobs. This fear is making them work harder for longer hours.

Many women from professional background state that they are anxious and worried that they are not doing enough work as compared to the output by their peers. They are afraid that if they don't match everyone's output, they will be laid off from their job. Working from home is being difficult because they can't focus on their work in the home environment. All of a sudden, the child calls out," Mummy, I want food" and your focus gets lost. The office environment can make you focused for eight hours of work. Moreover, being with colleagues makes the working environment a bit entertaining. 

Expert's Perspective

This working method and not being among peers has led the professional people to loneliness, pressure, depression, and anxiety. According to Anuja Kapoor, an expert psychologist," This pandemic has turned enthusiastic workers into depressed, anxious and tired ones. So, before your condition gets worse, pick the signs of your mental fitness. Working ladies have to face a major effect since their working hours now seem to have no end and it has added pressure to 
provide time at home and profession."
She further pointed out a few symptoms of mental health issues-
   1. Loss of interest in the activities enjoyed- like sex or hobbies.
   2.Insomnia or irregular sleep schedule.
   3.Tiredness and lack of energy throughout the day.
   4.Anxiety, agitation, and restlessness.
   5.Back pain, headache, and eyesight problems.

Alternates That The Workplaces Can Make

Workplaces should think about the needs of women working from home. They should offer them flexible working hours as per their convenience. Prione Group and Cloudtail India have launched the ProEves Learning Lab. These include online campus activities, online coaching, and many more things. In addition to this, all the employees get one Friday off per month. On a regular basis, the Employee Assistance Programme are organized which are focused on self-care, virtual fitness, medical teleconsultation, etc.

What To Do For A Good Mental Health


Here we have listed a few tips which will be helpful for the women to tackle the challenges of work from home.

Build a proper routine- Currently, your professional life and personal life have been mixed up badly. So, it's better to have a proper schedule for your daily tasks and goals. It will not only help you in mentally preparing yourself for your goals but also keeping them separate from your personal life.

 Workout or morning walk- Getting up early in the morning, going out for a walk, and having the feel of the morning breeze will make your day full of energy. Besides it, if you can give 30 more minutes, give it to workout. All this will keep you fit and decrease your stress level. 

Choose one room and make it your office- At home, you are unable to focus on your work, and in the office, you can do. That's what your problem is. So, a simple solution is here. Just choose one room of your home and make it your own office. How? Again it's very simple. A wide desk, an ergonomic chair like you use in your office, and a little silence. That's all you need for this. It will increase your productivity and give you the real working experience of the office.

Socialize yourself- Talk to your favorite people and meet them if possible. Have a discussion with them about your problems. It works and it will make you feel relaxed for sure. Visiting and talking to your favorite people will make you feel happy.

Saying 'NO' is not bad- You are a human being, not a machine. You can not take all your responsibilities on your own. If it is a demand at home, you can politely deny a request from the office or ask them to wait till you have time to do that task.

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