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World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: awareness of easy-to-miss suicide signs

It is observed that World Suicide Prevention Day increases awareness of suicide and mental health issues. Dr Jalpa P. Bhuta, Psychiatrist Consultant, Global Psychiatrist, Hospitals Hinduja & SeekMed's Patron, tells us some of the typical symptoms of suicidal activity that you might not know.

By Rounak Sharma

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020: awareness of easy-to-miss suicide signs

Every year on September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day is celebrated to sensitise individuals on the suicide issue and what needs to be done to prevent suicides. The need for the hour is to raise understanding and protect mental health. Following a pandemic, this has become even more complicated because people are under tremendous strain because of their fear of job loss, a struggling economy, a collapsing health care system and long hours of work. For people with a mental health condition such as depression, it may be worse.

Suicidal thoughts may be triggered by many mental health conditions, so the warning signs to consider suicidal actions need to be identified. We addressed the warning signs of suicide with Dr. Jalpa P. Bhuta, Psychiatrist Consultant at the Global, Hinduja Khar and Surya hospitals, & SeekMed Patron. 

This is what the specialist has to say about the warning signs of suicide that cause adverse effects. 
She explained, "Whether a person hides feelings and emotions or holds a smiling face to avoid being humiliated or looking vulnerable for others can be a simple matter to miss warnings to suicide. In our society this form of masked depression is normal.

These are warning signs you might skip, according to Dr. Jalpa P. Bhuta. 

  1. Mood swings – irritability in relation to trivial problems. 
  2. Sturdy sleep habits – sleep a lot or not sleep a lot. 
  3. Emotionally disconnected, isolate, lose interest in the relationships and in everyday life. 
  4. Giving away their precious belongings as a gift. 
  5. Increased alcohol or drug use use. 
  6. Discuss the inefficiency of life or life.

It may be difficult to keep these stuff in mind, but it is vital that you remember the warning signs that are supporting yourself and those in need. 

"If you look at these or other abrupt shifts, look for assistance. It could be a scream or a more serious matter. Be really loving and compassionate. Dr. Bhuta said that we don't know the wars other people are fighting.

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