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Visit Bhopal A Paradise For Shopaholics - Top Places For Shopping

Whether your budget is small or big, Bhopal has got your back! The various items available in the markets are bound to satisfy the needs of every customer.

By Neeraj Kumar

Visit Bhopal A Paradise For Shopaholics - Top Places For Shopping

Bhopal is in a way a fairy tale of 2 cities. The northern part of the city boasts of its rich heritage and culture with some grand Havelis, crowded markets, and fascinating mosques. The southern part of the city portrays a completely different vibe as the area is a more sophisticated role with beautiful wide roads, restaurants offering multi-cuisine to relish some of the most famous delicacies, and luxury hotels. If you think that's all about this city, then you are wrong. The city is arguably a paradise for shopaholics with exquisite Mulberry silk, delicate Zardozi sarees, well-crafted souvenirs, and handlooms to offer. You will find some of the best Tussar Silk in the local markets of the city.

The Pithora and Mandana paintings are arguably a treat for art enthusiasts. However, this is just icing. The street shops of Bhopal are also amazing as they serve amazing hot Gulab Jamuns,  Shammi Kebabs, and Meva Bati. Some of the markets are open until two at night! The city is also safe and hence you can enjoy the tasty Khopra Pak, Malpua, Dahi Bade,  and Imarti while crossing through the lanes of accessory and clothing shops. This festive season end your shopping fiesta with some of the authentic Bhopali Paan that will give your trip the true Bhopali touch!

Let's take a look at some of the finest shops where you can shop in Bhopal:

Chowk Bazar

Chowk Bazaar is certainly an ideal place for hardcore shoppers. The streets are narrow but sell a plethora of items, from bags, velvet purses, silver jewelry, and handloom clothes to traditional Bhopali artwork, embroidered cushions, and antiques. 

Bittan Market

In the event that so far in the excursion, you haven't seen the genuine Bhopal, here you unquestionably will. Bittan Market shows the exemplary Bhopal with a scope of items to purchase from. This bustling business sector offers the in-style embellishments, packs, footwear, and dress at a convincing cost. Numerous handloom presentations are held here too. You can discover a ton of undergrads staying nearby gratitude to the incredible bread shops and Hookah relaxes around.

Mrignayani Emporium

In the event that you need to bring home a portion of the stunning handiworks from Bhopal, head to the Mrignayani Emporium. It offers sarees, everything being equal, the fancy pastels, gold-conditioned examples, and exquisite fringes will leave you awestruck. You can purchase Chanderi, Mulberry, Kota, Tussar, and Crepe silk sarees for all your ethnic cravings. The dress materials sold are attractive and come in all examples and shadings.

New Market 

Hands down, the Newmarket is the best shopping stop in Bhopal. It has an array of eateries, bakeries, showrooms, and bookstores to make sure you find all that you want. You need ample time in exploring this place with your family or friends. If you had a bad day, just head over to the market road for some retail therapy. You can also get an excellent range of Bhopali 'Batuas' with bead detailing in many shops here.

Sarafa Bazar 

Sarafa Bazaar offers wonderfully made trimmings in the day and changes into a night road from 8 PM onwards. It to be sure gives the best of the two universes. At first, Sarafa Bazaar is celebrated for the gems and curio shop, offering a wide scope of extras from Kundan neckpieces to peacock-formed toe rings. In the wake of shopping, you can investigate the delights of the food road till after 12 PM. The specialties including Kachori, Chaats, Gajak, Chole-Tikiya, Jalebi-Rabdi, and Kulfi Falooda are only a portion of the name in the rundown.

Bhopal has something for everybody. It treats its guests with a warm grasp and spoils them with various shopping alternatives. Inferable from the rich history of the city, the food shows the magnificence of Mughal and the vivacity of Malwa. On the off chance that you need your next outing to be energetic, simple on your pockets, and satisfying as you would prefer buds, do visit Bhopal soon.

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