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Kochi Will Let You Challenge Your Fears With These 6 Adventure Sports

Are you thinking of something adventures or planning to go on an adventurous trip? Then surely visit Kochi.

By Mridulata Sen

Kochi Will Let You Challenge Your Fears With These 6 Adventure Sports

I must assure you that Kochi will give you the taste of all the adventure toys can ever think of. Kochi is known for its natural and scenic beauty. There’s so much to explore in Kochi.

However, these 6 adventures in Kochi will make you challenge your fears.

Scuba Diving

Location: Statue Rd, Chullickal, Kochi, Kerala 682001
Cost: Starts from INR 6000

As we all know that Kochi is situated on the waterfront. So, there are a variety of water sports adventures to experience!

Scuba diving is the most popular one. One can watch underwater life, take pictures, and shoot videos all under the water. People are allowed to be under the water for 45 minutes. The best part is that you do not need to be a swimmer to enjoy the activity as there will be a trained coach diver to help you.

Water Skiing

Location: Cherai Beach – Munambam Rd, Cherai, Kuzhuppilly, Kerala 683515
Cost: Starts from INR 2250

Skiing will give you the chance to enjoy and see the far-spread tranquil waters. You can explore the waves till your reach as the best part of this sport is the security provided along with. All of the activities mostly in Kochi take place in the presence of a professional as the feeling of experience this trill can make you feel dizzy. However, the feeling of flying over the water would be a lifetime experience. The activity starts around six am in the morning till six to seven pm in the evening.

Beach & Backwater Cycling

Location: Fact QTS. C 59, PO, Udyogamandal, Eloor, Kochi, Kerala 683501
Cost: Starts from INR 4800

This sport is best suitable for the fitness freak and for people who love cycling. It’s a highly energetic sport. The trip starts from Fort Cochin and then proceeds to the busy city road and rural areas. During your ride, you will get to see the old parts of the city, the beaches, and backwaters and most amazingly you can interact with the locals. They will provide you with all the necessary amenities like a helmet and a gear changing bike.

To enjoy a place like Kochi this is the best way. The ride timings start around 7 in the morning.


Location: Princess St, Fort Nagar, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala 682001
Cost: Starts from INR 1000

Kayaking is the most adrenaline spiking water adventure sport in Kochi.

It uses a Kayak to move about in the water but is not like canoeing as the sitting postures and the position of the paddles differs. This is the most thrilling adventure to experience as during the activity the water touches your face and you get to feel the wind in your hair!

The sport starts at around 7 in the morning.  You just need to do the prior slot booking and reach on time.

Banana Ride

Location: Cherai Beach – Munambam Rd, Cherai, Kuzhuppilly, Kerala 683515
Cost: Starts at INR 500

This is an activity that can be enjoyed individually or in groups as well. You will get the chance to glide over the waves in the banana-shaped boats. This high-speed water adventure is the most thrilling one. To avoid any kind of mishap, obey the instructions given. The sport starts early morning and once your booking is done they will even provide you a confirmation voucher.

Bhoothathankettu Trekking

Location: The place is situated outside the village of Pindimana, about 10 km from Kothamangalam and 50 km from Kochi.
Cost: not fixed.

This is a dam known for its mythical and historical background. The place is one of the best tourist attractions for trekking and knowing the history of Kochi.

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