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5 Fun Adventures Worth Exploring In Goa For Solo Travellers

Once the whole world is healed from the damage caused by COVID, travel will become one of our main desires. And if you can't find the right people, then that's okay. Because you can always go on a journey alone, which will give you many opportunities for adventure.

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5 Fun Adventures Worth Exploring In Goa For Solo Travellers

Adventure activity is synonymous with adrenaline, and when your destination is Goa and you are traveling alone, there are no opportunities. So, Niharika Nigam, Director of Business Development, Jumpin Heights, will share some interesting ideas on adventure travel activities for solo travelers in Goa.

Bungee jumping

Not for the faint of heart, it's just as extreme! Jump with rubber bands strapped to your ankles in a bold free fall, followed by the euphoria of return as you feel the rush of air. Goa's only fixed bungee jumping platform is 55 meters above the stunning Lake Mayem in north Goa. The facility is owned and operated by former army officers and jump masters who have received extensive training from New Zealand experts and have performed over 100,000 jumps safely! This is an adventure not to be missed.


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Enjoy panoramic views of Goa from this exciting flight. This is really a postcard activity! Imagine being on top of a beautiful hot air balloon at 2500 feet and having an unforgettable experience. Just make sure you are traveling with a trained ground crew who will make sure you land safely on your way back. Hot air ballooning in Goa is exceptionally professional so it should definitely be on the list for your next visit.

Electric bike tour

Goa will not fail to surprise you with its endless adventures. A walk-in Green Goa will amaze you. Lovers of solo travel will appreciate them the most. You will be simply amazed at how much Goa has to offer to its lovers and visitors. Many of them are located far from the main beaches. Wading through the warm breeze and rich landscape, this soothing experience will help you experience Goa as authentically as possible. Drive in a hurry!

Scuba diving

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If you have an unforgettable underwater experience in your head, this is for you. Scuba diving or snorkeling will make you dive not only in the water but also under the guise of "live only once"! Goa's unique landscape gives you the opportunity to experience vibrant marine life with the best instructors and safety equipment. Calm and underwater tranquility in the middle of the endless sea will surely amaze your mind. The colorful corals and the remains of the pages of history will leave you speechless.


Kayaking is the most relaxing and not too difficult water activity. Rowing will open the way to hopeful moments. You can paddle along the road, through hills, thickets and rivers in the pearl of the East, GOA! Looking at the daily life of Goa and enjoying the beauty of the cave is a pure form of happiness. It is more popular on the beaches of South Goa. Various popular clubs in Goa offer kayaking races, kayak festivals, picnics, and moonlight kayaking.

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