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Places To See And Explore In A Day Around Bangalore

Bangalore has so many places to visit offering varieties of architectures, lakes, waterfalls, temples and many more. We will let you will with some of the best places that you can explore in a day around Bangalore.

By Mridulata Sen

Places To See And Explore In A Day Around Bangalore

Bangalore is surrounded by many magnificent places starting from architectures to temples and many more. Let’s know these places in detail so that next time when you plan to visit Bangalore you will not miss these places!

The place listed below is under 100KM distance from Bangalore.


Distance: 56Kms

Travel Time: 1hour 8 minutes

This is one of the most known picnic spots near Bangalore. The place is also known for its silk and incense industry. The place is surrounded by five hills and offers activities like trekking, hiking, and rock climbing. There are nearby temples as well that can be visited.


Distance: 60Kms

Travel Time: 1hour 20 minutes

Savanadurga is the largest monolith hill in Asia with temples located at the foothills. The place is a perfect match for adventurous people to try rock climbing and trekking to see the top and view the Akravati River.

Nandi Hills

Distance: 62kms

Travel Time: 1hour 18 minutes

This place is the most popular one and is famous for Trekking. The name of the place is derived from the statue of Nandi (the bull) at the doorstep of Yoganandeeshwara Temple. You will also get the chance to view the beautiful sunrise from the hilltop and visit other places like Muddenahalli and Amrita Sarovar. Nevertheless, this place is quite popular among tourists for its beauty and adventure.


Distance: 67kms

Travel Time: 1.5 hours

Traveling with kids? This is the right place to be at! Channapatna is also known as the Toy Land of Karnataka. The town is known for its colorful wooden toys which kids will love to watch. Not only that the town has the oldest temple of Varadaraja depicting the Vijayanagara Empire.

Bannerghatta National Park

Distance: 36kms

Travel time: 1hour

The national park is a biological reserve with a pet corner, zoo, a butterfly enclosure, animal rescue center, safari park, and snake house. In addition the place also has ancient temples to visit. Also, the place is famous for hiking and trekking.


Distance: 50kms

Travel Time: 1hour

Perfect place for Bollywood lovers! Yes for movie freak people! This is the place where the shooting of the Sholay movie was done. The place also offers adventure activities like Rapeling, Caving, and Camping.


Distance: 97kms

Travel Time: 2hour 25 minutes

Kotilingeshwara is not only a religious place but also one of the most unique religious sites. You will be amazed and dumbstruck to see lakhs of lingas in the temple. Not only that the temple has a 108-ft Shiva Linga making it one of the largest statues in the world and 35 feet tall Nandi. The place is one of the most visited tourist places over the year.


Distance: 38kms

Travel Time: 1hour 14minutes

If you are a fan of Classical folk Dance then this place will definitely attract you! The place was established in the year 1990 by a well-known classical dancer. Nrityagram is a dance village located on the outskirts of Bangalore. The best time to visit the place is during the Vasantha Habba festival, which is held during springtime. The artists perform various dance forms which is one a lifetime experience for all the dance lovers who visit the place.


Distance: 17kms

Travel Time: 35minutes

One of the nearest places to visit which offers the most thrilling experience. Jakkur is a sport that will give you the chance to explore the entire Bangalore at a glance. Tourists can fly at the height of 40K ft above the ground and breathe in the fresh air in the meantime see the city. The place is perfect for adventure people who love challenging their fears and have fun.

There are many more places to visit. Bangalore itself is such a place that has so much to see. Do let us know your views on these places and have you ever been there or not?


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