Silicon Valley Start Up: Modified Learning Methods for Children

Square Panda is an innovative process of leaning of children up to 8 years. It expanded in India and China also along with US.

By Debarati Roy Barman

Silicon Valley Start Up: Modified Learning Methods for Children
Silicon Valley Start Up: Modified Learning Methods for Children
Silicon Valley Start Up: Modified Learning Methods for Children
Silicon Valley Start Up: Modified Learning Methods for Children
Silicon Valley Start Up: Modified Learning Methods for Children

Silicon Valley startup is for qualifying children with advanced learning through modified learning methods

Silicon Valley startup was founded by Andrew Butler in the year 2014. So far, this startup has positively influenced various learning efficiency of more than 40,000 children in India.

Nowadays, Square Panda is providing an innovative style of reading and writing using fun and sensorial games for budding minds and helping them for overall growth.

What is the Story Behind it?

Andrew Butler aka Andy’s daughter used to find complications while identifying colors, remembering sequences, or while learning any new word or concept at only seven years of old. Soon he discovered that his little girl was dyslexic.

He accepted it as a challenge and put his full energy and effort into finding out the best resource or any sensory apparatus to help her. He started doing endless research and multiple studies on the field of neurology of advanced children's education. But unfortunately couldn’t find any suitable tool or apparatus that could help her daughter’s learning objects.

Finally, Andy and his wife met several neurologists and special educators to figure out the ways to help her little one. And for the time being, Andy started thinking of other parents who might also need this type of tool and learning procedure for their kids. This poked him to bring an effect on elementary literacy.

 Andrew Butler: Founder of Square Panda

About Square Panda:

In the year 2014, Andy established Square Panda in Sunnyvale, US. This corporation is dedicated to enabling children with literacy through skillful and innovative learning platforms full of fun staff and game-based. Though it is mainly based in the US now it expanded its footsteps in India and China also. 

In India, a large percentage of children face difficulty when it comes to describing any English words. According to the NAS report of 2017, under the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER), in all the rural areas, only 1/3 proportion of the students in Class III cannot read any simple English text with comprehension. And according to the 2018 report, only 50% of Class 5 students could read a Class II English textbook. 

There are countless children out there who wouldn’t get any perfect medium to access the resources; Square Panda takes this initiative to fill this gap.

Small Steps

Though the thought about Square Panda first emerged in the year 2014, it took almost two years to get launched in the market.

Andy is a graduate from Stanford University and has rich experience in technology sectors that is the reason the journey turned out to be comparably smooth. 

The two main inputs of the startup are – SquareLand and SquareTales. These are meant for any child between the ages of 2 to 10 years.

square and is a playset that takes children on an adventure and explores new words. Two characters- Panda and Cameo guide the journey. It is designed in such a way that it involves letter recognition, phonetics, word building, etc. SquareTales is a virtual phonics tutor that guides the children in interpreting and pronouncing words as well as forming sentences by using them. It helps them to read any English book affluently. 

Square Panda’s main aim is to target is the government schools at the beginning as they were deprived of technical learning and types of equipment. The startup is conducting its project in India at Mumbai, Indore, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, etc. Their team trained most of the teachers to use smartphones, tablets to operate the startup’s platforms.

 Kid learning through Square Panda

Even if in this COVID-19 pandemic, while all the educational institutions got closed the team of Square Panda didn’t lose hope. They are in talks with the state Governments to expand their main purpose.

Square Panda’s platforms can be subscribed for the duration of one to three years including all the tools and lesson plans. The annual average cost per student is up to 2000 only.

Gradually, Square Panda is bringing proficient learning and brilliant retention among the kids. Panda is planning to develop a few new learning systems targeted to hold the pronunciation.

                                             An Indian Square Panda Team Celebrating Success


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