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Tea tree oil- the natural antiseptic for skin – let’s know its Health benefits and usage:

Tea tree oil's benefits and usage on fungal infections and skin irritations.

By Mridulata Sen

Tea tree oil- the natural antiseptic for skin – let’s know its Health benefits and usage:

Tea Tree oil is widely used for keeping skin, hair and nails healthy. It is used for treating acne, athlete’s feet and toenail fungus. The oil is derived from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia known as tea tree and has antiseptic properties as well. The tea tree leaves are crushed to extract the oil and is then inhaled to treat cough and cold or the oil is applied directly to the skin for healing of infections or irritations. Nowadays, Tea Tree oil is easily available in its pure form and is widely used in different skincare products.

How does it work?

Tea tree oil contains a several compounds like terpinen-4-ol that is mainly effective to kill types of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Terpinen-4-ol also helps to increase the activity of white blood cells in our body which helps to fight against germs. These germ-fighting properties of tea tree oil makes it an effective and affordable natural remedy antiseptic oil for treating bacterial and fungal skin conditions and even helps to prevent further infection. This natural oil shows great results in healing of infections and wounds.

Usage and benefits:

Hand Sanitizer- Tea tree oil gives the best use in hand sanitizer because of its virus killing properties. Research claims that Tea tree oil increases its effectiveness over germs.

Insect repellent- The smell of Tea Tree oil keeps insects away.

Promote wound healing- Tea tree oil helps to reduce the inflammation caused by the wound and increases the activity of blood cells that helps in fast healing.

Reduces Acne- Tea tree oil is most effective over acne and reduces its occurrence on the skin.

AG Industries and Vdh Organics Pvt. Ltd. are some of the leading manufacturers and distributors of tea tree oil in India.  

These industries have a mjor role in today's time in produccing pure tea tree oil and suipplying it to its buyers.

Makeup brands too these days use a lot of tea tree oil in their products!

Tree oil is one of the most commonly known oil used for skin irritations and fungal infections. I hope these tips will definitely help you all to know the usage and properties of tea tree oil.

So, my dear folks do let know the usefulness of these tips to you and please feel free to share your views in the comment section below.

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