Superfan Studio Is Riding AR Filter Trend In India With Clients Like Facebook, Jio And IPL

AR (Augmented Reality) filters are now becoming a trend in India. Mumbai-based Superfan Studio is behind it. This startup has clients like Facebook, Jio and IPL etc.

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Superfan Studio Is Riding AR Filter Trend In India With Clients Like Facebook, Jio And IPL

If you're looking for the very popular applications of Augmented Reality (AR), then Instagram, Facebook, Indian Premier League (IPL), Snapchat, Spotify, and TikTok are the best examples. One more interesting thing is that all these use AR filters created by Mumbai-based startup Superfan Studio.
It was founded by Snehal Dhruve in 2017. Superfan Studio is basically a browser-based no-code tool that personalizes and creates augmented reality-based filters for social media users.

Superfan studio also has many popular names as clients like- Puma, Fossil, Reliance Jio, Samsung, and many more. 

Connects The Stakeholders

Initially, Superfan Studio was an agency that used to create AI bots for various platforms. From the very beginning of COVID-19 in the country, Superfan Studio had no alternative but to deal with scalable products. The major benefit was that majority of the customers were from the sports sector and entertainment media.

Within 6 months, the startup transformed its products from niche marketplace to templates marketplaces for creating a fully automated solution to build AR experiences for existing AR-powered social media platforms.
Now, when someone wishes to create AR filters for their social media platforms, they use either SparkAR for Instagram and Facebook or LensStudio for Snapchat. Snehal explains, "Both these platforms require prior knowledge of 3D modeling, programming, and animation skills. Only skilled AR creators can build these personalized AR filters. But however, due to a lack of marketing skills, these creators always look for opportunities to monetize their creations. So, Superfan Studio helps them to connect with the right customers."

Introduction To The founder

Snehal, an alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University, USA, has 15+ years of experience as a Business Analyst at Mercedes Benz, Credit Suisse, and KPMG. He was featured
on Mark Zuckerburg's keynote in the 2019 F8 conference for leading AR work in APAC. Snehal was the first creative partner for Snapchat in India.

He started Superfan Studio with an investment of $8000. At present, Snehal has built a team of 18 employees to help him in his journey of disrupting the AR industry using Superfan Studio. This startup launched its products on ProductHunt to get the first set of customers. The depth startup works on a subscription model of $14.99 per month or $99.99 annually. Between April 2019 and March 2020, it generated net revenue worth $300,000.

The AR Market

The AR and VR market is estimated to be of $18.8 billion this year. There are many players like- CameraIQ, PoplAR,, etc in the global market of AR.

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