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Tech Master Trishneet Arora Inspirational Journey Makes You Realize The Role Of Failure In Success

Trishneet Arora, an entrepreneur who discovered and is CEO of ‘TAC Security Solutions’. He helps to curb cybercrime. He is also an ethical actor and author with a very interesting journey.

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Tech Master Trishneet Arora Inspirational Journey Makes You Realize The Role Of Failure In Success

A crucial feature of the Indian Society is that it places great emphasis on human academics when judging his personality. Any comparison is incomplete if high school, undergraduate and postgraduate marks are not properly considered. Most Indian parents are obsessed with getting a government job for their kids or making them a doctor, engineer, etc. Against this background, imagine a child failing in 8th grade, skipping 9th, and finishing high school through correspondence, became an entrepreneur, and became CEO of ‘TAC Security Solutions’. No one else, that guy is Trishneeti Arora. He helps to curb cybercrime. In addition, he is also an ethical actor and author with a very interesting journey.

Trishneet was born and raised in Ludhiana. He belongs to a middle-class family. He had no IT education and none of his family belonged to this field. His parents were dissatisfied with his studies because he was only interested in technical knowledge of computers and almost did not like the theoretical structure of school education. His passion grew from playing video games to understanding the system hardware.

Trishneet Arora - Education

Trishneet was not interested in academics studies. He failed in the eighth grade, but his technical knowledge took him to a milestone in his professional career. Not much is known about his further education and qualifications.

However, his fascination with computers did not allow him to concentrate elsewhere. He was totally dedicated to learning new computer abilities and techniques. Eventually, he became fascinated by ethical hacking. He read international magazines/journals/books which became a support system to him acquire the necessary knowledge about hacking and computers.

The technical master

All technical systems are prone to errors and Trishneet wanted to learn how to fix them. So every time his father would bring the computer to a hardware store to repair it, the child would go with it. He will take a close look at the operations performed by the technician to make the system work again, and in this way, he learned about computer hardware. In short, if his neighbors had a problem with any of their cars, he would take it to Trishneet, and fix the problems as soon as possible, and put them back. All this even at the age of 11-12!

Busy with machines and apparatus most of the time, Trishneet had a rigorous anti-study routine and this probably affected his results. Somehow he managed to get through the seventh standard, but due to constant lack of interest, he failed miserably in the 8th grade. It was unusual to fail at such a low level, and not in a particular subject, but in a full academic year. His parents were shocked by his child's poor performance and worried that he had to repeat a year. The personal disappointment was compounded by telling personal relatives about unsatisfactory performance. He thought a bleak future awaited his child.

Self-made entrepreneur

His parents trusted him and he did not disappoint. Trishneet spends a lot of time reading and learning about cars, technology, and computers. His focus is three times! Shortly afterward, he began working on small computer maintenance projects and cleaning programs. His clients enjoyed his work and received the first check for Rs. 60,000 at the age of 19. New ideas kept coming into the minds of young people, they wanted to expand their work, to be connected with society. So he decided to start his own company - TAC Security Solutions and invested all his savings, he was in great danger.

Ethics and hacking

Generally, hacking is considered a negative term, but there is a difference between hackers and ethical hackers, Trishaneet proudly identifies itself as the latter. He will break down the security walls of corporate and human-computer systems to give them information about areas where they need to be strengthened. His company will offer them a security solution and help them achieve data security to prevent data breaches. In the 21st century, when the Internet is launching other forms of communication, it is important to be fully aware of the risks that could harm you, and these are the TAC security solutions that make it work.

Pushing boundaries

Trishneet not only provides assistance to private companies but also assists government agencies. He worked with CBI, the crime branch, and was also an IT consultant in Punjab. Reducing cybercrime is a challenging opportunity for security agencies, and in this case, even more, important is a talent like Trishneet Arora, which has a dream of building a multi-billion dollar cybersecurity company. From the beginning, TAC Security Solutions has grown tremendously, with its offices in four Indian cities and one in Dubai as well.


There is no end result and it is your passion that drives you forward in life. Trishneet Arora's story proves this saying absolutely correct. He failed, he went down, he took risks and he stood up to the challenges of life without fear of consequences. During the trip, his parents stood as pillars of power and gave wings to their child's dreams. They believed in Trishneet and his abilities and never applied societal conventions to him. Her story tells us that every failed man has a division of success waiting to be explored.

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