Edtech Startup Of A Former Uber Chief Is Providing Online Courses Of Extracurricular Activities

During a pandemic, it's becoming very difficult for the students to learn extracurricular activities. So, Kyt, one of the edtech startups in India, is offering online courses for these activities like- music, yoga, chess, etc.

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Edtech Startup Of A Former Uber Chief Is Providing Online Courses Of Extracurricular Activities
Edtech Startup Of A Former Uber Chief Is Providing Online Courses Of Extracurricular Activities

Edtech startups are generally those software-based startups which have been specifically designed to enhance the learning process and for improving the educational outcomes of students. Edtech is basically the abbreviated form of education technology.

The COVID-19 crisis has given all the favorable conditions for this type of startups because everybody wants his or her children’s uninterrupted study with no COVID-19 infection and this can only be possible with the help of edtech startups.

But “extracurricular activities” is the most crucial factor which keeps classroom learning one step ahead then these type of software learning platforms. To bring a smart solution for this, Bhavik Rathod, former Uber chief, formed a Bengaluru and Singapore based startup which is bringing extracurricular activities and after school classes online for whole sided development of students.


This platform provides private as well as group learning sessions for children from 5 years to 15 years old.

Background Of The Founders

Bhavik Rathod and his wife Tripti Ahuja together put the foundation of this startup in October 2019 with an aim of building something unique for their daughter.

Bhavik is an alumnus of Gies College of Business and he worked as a founding leader and general manager of Uber in India in 2013. His previous role was as the head of Uber eats in India.

His wife Tripti is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and she had been the co-founder of which is an online exhibition platform and one more organization named '400 THINGS'.Learning Pattern And Courses Offered By Kyt

Kyt has recently launched its courses on 5th October 2020. Bhavik accepts that in the upcoming times, education will not be limited to classroom learning only but it will be a blend of online and offline learning. Extracurricular activities are quite essential for the complete development of a student. 

In the extracurricular courses offered by Kyt, there are several courses like- music, dance, chess, and yoga, etc.
It has become very hard for the students to learn these things during a pandemic because one had to go to the neighborhood classes for these. But with the help of Kyt’s edtech platform, you can do all these activities from the comfort of your home.


Kyt provides two types of training modes for the students- Academy and Workshop. Academy is long-term certification course. These are progressive and specifically designed for dedicated students. Here the students are given a certificate of completion when the course is over. These courses have mainly 3 levels- beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

On the other hand, workshops are one-day long session where students have to attend the class of their desired extracurricular activity.

A Board Of Experts Is Also There

For better growth of this platform, good quality courses are required. For making sure about the quality of the posted content on the platform, Kyt has partnered with many educators and artists all over the world. This enables the parents to choose the best possible teachers.


Among these experts, celebrity yoga instructor Sabrina Merchant is there. Besides her, the online world chess Olympiad grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi is also among the board members of Kyt.

Future Of Edtech Startups Segment

It has not yet been one month since the launching of Kyt but it is earning well. Kyt earns its revenue through the sales of courses minus instructors' fees and other payments.
As COVID-19 pandemic has given a bounce to online education.

The E-learning market is expected to reach 370 billion dollars by 2026. There are a few other platforms also that focus on beyond curricular activities like- Skillshare, Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy, etc.

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