How This Pre-Sale Platform Empowers creatives And Artists?

After spending nearly ten years in European countries working in the alternative finance industry, Vitthal Ramakrishna, founder, and CEO of Crowdpouch wanted to return to his native India and attract attention.

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How This Pre-Sale Platform Empowers creatives And Artists?

Fortunately, as Vittal was contemplating his future plans, he joined several of his friends who sold personal artwork and handmade products on Instagram.

At the time, he felt very strongly that Indian manufacturers could benefit from a dedicated platform to sell privatized products.

Recently, the Bengaluru pre-sale platform has been renamed Kreate.

Presale is an online sales concept where designers showcase products that they can manufacture but are finished. Designers usually make this product after the customer orders.

Why Kreate?

Millions of small product developers, independent designers, artists, and D2C brands (directly to consumers) are currently unable to reach consumers easily. At the same time, consumers will not find handmade, organic, and privatized products directly from the designers.

It offers a platform on which individual artists and authors can post and sell their handicrafts online. The platform, which is considered the first service in India, is open to everyone and does not require any documentation or registration fees.

“An added benefit to sellers on the platform is that Kreate is also actively investing in promoting and marketing the products listed on this platform. Handcrafted, homemade, organic, and local in every sense of the word. With the wave of #vocalforlocal sweeping across the country, this is the best time for the platform to come to the fore and showcase the potential for creativity and individual skills, ”says Vittal.

CrowdPouch clocked transactions worth 1 Crore during the Pandemic – Incubees

How Kreate works?

Speaking about the start-up, Vittal states: “Suppliers connect to our platform with a pre-existing customer base after a verification process. Once the products are placed on our platform, buyers will be able to view and purchase them directly through the mobile application. Once the sale is completed, the seller of the order is notified through communication channels such as SMS and email. The seller then picks up the order and delivers it to the buyer. "

Business Model and Impact of COVID-19

The pandemic has had a very positive impact on Kreate's business as more consumers enter the digital space for the first time, Vittal said.

“We were able to work remotely because we had no assets and therefore our operations went smoothly. The team, myself included, had problems when we tested positive for Covid-19, but we had mild symptoms and quickly resumed our work. The management of our tasks is well organized and therefore has not influenced how we get results, ”he adds.

The Vittal team consists of 16 people and is committed to operations, fundraising and strategy.

Market size and revenue

According to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), retail sales in India will reach $ 1 trillion by 2025, a major step from the $ 750 billion markets in 2020.

Another Avendus report suggests the country's D2C business will be worth $ 100 billion in five years.

At the moment, the startup has conducted transactions worth 12.5 million lei. The start-up generated revenue of 29 lakhs in fiscal year 21 and is expected to earn 8 million rubles by the end of 2024.
It has over 75,000 customers and over 8,000 traders on its platform.

Speaking of competition, Vittal says ETSY and Patreon are part of their subgroup of competitors worldwide.

There are a lot of small players in the regions. "We aim to be a platform for large-scale creators and, ultimately, we will collaborate or hire smaller players to gain regional access to their customer network."

Speaking from the perspective of a creator, BubbleBeauty Subhadra Agarwal said: “I created Bubblebeauty because of my passion for organic soaps. With the help of Kreate, what started as a passion has become a way for me to become financially independent. Kreate offers a personalization option for my product line that is not available on other platforms. With it, I was able to customize the products according to the individual needs of my customers. ”

CrowdPouch, a Bengaluru-based startup clocked transactions worth 1 Crore  during the Pandemic Startup & Entrepreneurship

Funding and prospects

In August 2020, Kreate raised 70 lakhs (about $ 100,000) as part of their Angelic Round by Elina Investments. The start is in the process of raising funds, Vittal confirmed to YourStory.

In the near future, the company plans to add over 50,000 vendors to its platform by the end of 2022.

Kreate Roadmap for next year includes interactive e-commerce.

"This will facilitate real-time ordering and real-time communication between buyers and sellers to reduce the virtual gap that occurs when shopping online. Furthermore, it will further simplify requirements for personalization and personalization, paving the way for experiences improved shopping and rewarding sales experiences for India's best designers, ”concludes Vittal.

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