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The Best Street Food Around The World - Travel Food Junkies

Street Food tells us about the lifestyle and cultures of a place and the people living there. One often finds the mouth-watering local cuisines of a new place while hopping around the food stalls and carts on the streets. This is an ultimate guide for everyone who not just love to travel around the world but also love to enjoy the different cuisines and the street food of different places.

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The Best Street Food Around The World - Travel Food Junkies

When you travel around the world, food plays an important role as it tells you so much more about the place and it's cultures. Food gets your travel experience to a whole new level and makes it so much more exotic. Most travelers book high-end restaurants to try different cuisines but Street food of every place, tells us about the lifestyle of the people living there.Street food is cheap and yet so many times more delicious. One often finds the mouth watering local cuisines of a new place while hopping around the food stalls and carts on streets. From Papri chaat in India to Pizza in Italy, every street food tells you a story.
Today we bring to you, an ultimate food guide for the travel enthusiast inside of you, as we tell you about the best street food around the world!

1.Tacos In Mexico

Tacos are a traditional mexican dish which are basically small hand-sized corn wheat tortillas topped with various fillings.

They are then folded and eaten by hand.
The common fillings of a taco include beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables and even cheese. They can be garnished with guacamole, salsa, sourcream and even vegetables such as lettuce, onions, tomatoes, chillies etc.
They are the most common cuisine in Mexico and have become famous in many other parts of the world.

Traditional variations include-
-Tacos al pastor
-Tacos de adador
-Tacos de cabeza 
-Tacos de camarones
-Tacos de cazos
-Tacos de lengua
-Tacos de pescado
-Tacos Dorados
-Tacos sudados

2. Souvlaki And Pita In Greece

Souvlakis are basically small pieces of meat and vegetables that are grilled on a skewer. The meat usually used is pork, chicken, beef, lamb and sometimes fish. They are usually eaten directly from the skewer while still hot.

They can also be served with Pita bread which is a yeast leavened round flatbread baked using wheat flour at a high temperature which turns the water inside the dough into steam that results in the bread to puff up and form a pocket.

A souvlaki-Pita traditionally consists of souvlaki meat garnished with Onions, sliced tomatoes, tzatziki and fried potatoes.
Variations such as the use of special mustard sauce instead of onions and tzatziki are made according to the demands of the customers.

3. Bhelpuri In India

India is famous for it's savoury street food snacks such as chat, gol gappas, papri with curd and chutneys etc.

Bhelpuri is also an indian snack that was originated in Maharashtra and it is loved in most parts of the country with several variations made according to the people of that locality.
Bhelpuri is made of puff rice, sev, vegetables, tamarind chutney that adds the tangy flavour and spicy green chutney made of fresh coriander and mint leaves.

Dry Bhel is made using Bhadang- a spicy namkeen from western Maharashtra which is topped with Onions, tomatoes, potatoes, chaat masala and lemon.

4. Hot Dogs in New York City

You will find hot dogs in stands and carts on the streets of NYC. They are particularly associated with New York City but they are famous all over United States.

Hot Dogs are grilled or steamed sausage sandwiches. The sausage is commonly made using pork, beef, chicken and turkey and it is kept between a partially slit bun.

They are traditionally topped with mustard sauce, ketchup, mayonnaise or cheese sauce and garnished with sauerkraut, onions, jalapeños, chilli, cheese, coleslaw, bacon and olives.
Variants include-
-Corn Dogs
- Pigs In Blanket.

5. Shish Kebab In Morocco

Shish Kebabs are skewered and grilled cubes of meat which are a famous item out of the many types of kebab based meat dishes originated in the middle east.

The meat traditionally used is Lamb but variations also include chicken and fish.

In Turkey, Shish Kebabs and the vegetables are grilled and served separately.

We hope you relish the traditional cuisines and street food of different places when you travel around different parts of the world! 

That was it for today, stay tuned to get more interesting details on anything and everything related to travel on VTV India!

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