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The healthier Option- Brown Sugar Vs Jaggery

Jaggery and brown sugar both are considered as a healthier option compared to white sugar.

By Mridulata Sen

The healthier Option- Brown Sugar Vs Jaggery

The most frequently confusing topic! Jaggery and brown sugar both are considered a healthier option compared to white sugar. But we are often struck when it comes to choosing between brown sugar and jaggery as they both have different benefits are comparatively healthy and natural.

So, the main thing to know is to understand the difference between brown sugar and jaggery. Then only we can decide which one is better.

Brown sugar and jaggery both are used as sweetness to meals or beverages. Both have a similar taste and similar color. However, both have different textures and properties.

We all know Brown sugar is certainly better than white sugar but the question remains- Is brown sugar better than jaggery? Let’s find out:

Difference between jaggery and brown sugar

Jaggery is unrefined sugar made without spinning it in a centrifuge. Whereas, brown sugar is refined sugar and involves centrifuging. Jaggery is considered vegan whereas brown sugar is not because the charcoal treatment is a part of the white sugar refinement process. However, when it comes to choosing a healthier natural version Jaggery is considered healthier and used by many health experts and fitness freaks as a substitute for white sugar.

Jaggery comes in solid form and needs to be broken down into pieces before consumption. Brown sugar can be used in fewer portions and won’t add too much sweetness to your beverages or meals. Jaggery can be used as an authentic food to add a sweet flavor to the dishes whereas; brown sugar serves as an all-purpose sweetener.

Choosing between two comes with different personal preferences and choices. This is the most controversial topic that we are discussing. Our diet and our body is the main factor to choose between both. It will vary from person to person as per their diet plan and body requirement. So, my dear folks choose as per your body requirement and needs. Do let us know which one do you prefer and why in the comments section below.

Till then stay tuned for further upcomming updates.

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