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Startup Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India

This article aims to provide several business ideas to empower the women in India and to make them independent.

By Trishita Basu16

Startup Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India

India constitutes a large portion of independent women, who wants to go beyond the boundary of regular 9 to 5 job. They want to prove that entrepreneurship, be it small or large can level them up as well as their male counterparts. In the world economy, maximum growth from startups has witnessed considerable inputs from the women entrepreneurs as well. India today is also witnessing some of these women who want to start something of their own. They also, want to contribute to their dreams while raising their children effortlessly. Undercover women, who are more of a rebel than of being subdued, are unleashing their talents and are ready to even start from scratch. This gives more power to them. This encourages them to stand head held up beside their opposite sex. So hats off to those revolutionary thinkers of the society. These women entrepreneurs are not only the pioneers to their dreams and independent life but also are the influencers and confidants to the later in the queue.

So today, let us discuss some of the simple yet profitable business ideas for women entrepreneurs.

  1. Health and Fitness-

The wellness industry today is blooming only. With the increased awareness of fitness and health, the wellness industry is on the rise. The industry is not only limited to a particular form of exercise today. To overcome the boredom and unacceptability of working out among the mass, many modern forms of exercises are available today, such as Aesthetic Yoga, Zumba or Aerobics, etc. hence a Yoga center or a Zumba studio can be started by any small entrepreneurs who want to invest no to the little amount.

  1. Content Writing Services-

This is more of a freelancing job rather than a business idea that is profitable enough. But this freelancing job requires a good command over the language. There are a lot of marketing brands, website owners, blog publishers or other project owners are available in the market who have bulk project works to offer.

  1. Handicrafts Works-

This business is more about creativity. The more creative our society women are more is their possibility to ace in this market. Many online or offline courses are there, where one can learn to make different homemade handicraft items ranging from home décor to handmade jeweler items. This can be very easy to establish and easy to market niche. Many e-commerce sites are now focusing on the authentic handicraft items to attract the customers even from abroad. Hence they source such items from well-managed groups in wholesale prices. Also, the marketing of such handmade items can be done through various social media pages and groups. One can even form a team from her own society members and can start a business with limited resources and investment.

  1. Manufacturing and Selling of Cosmetic Brands-                                     

Herbal and organic, paraben-free beauty products are on high demand in the market these days. Hence, who can be more responsible in the careful manufacturing of these beauty products than our lovely ladies? Many such products can be manufactured naturally with a mixture of spices, fruits, flower petals, and herbs. The procedure for making these products at home can be learned from different classes available easily in the markets. It will be a fantastic remedy to the senses if one decides to transfer their focus to aromatherapy products. After you make a few collections of the different samples, the same can be marketed in different beauty salons or even wellness and lifestyle shops. But one thing to keep in mind that these products are to be prepared under very careful consideration since any damaged skincare range can be harmful to the customer and yet the correct process to be followed with utmost concentration while making such products.

  1. Food Services Startups-

Indian women love to cook. They take pleasure in feeding their family and friends. But there is no reason to limit this talent of cooking the comfort food for others. Such talents should not be wasted only under the kitchen roof. Therefore, many women entrepreneurs now are starting their own food service business today. People around have become more health-conscious and this trend has given birth to the chances for them to outsource homemade food. Many relocate themselves to pursue their career. They move into a new city and leave themselves under a food crisis. While outside food is a very unhealthy option for everyday life, cooking at home can be an impossible mission for many youngsters. Here serve the homemade food delivery services where the customer can be absolutely sure of the hygiene and purity of their meals. Any food service options can be chosen here. The food kiosks, food trucks, small bakery outlets are the few options to choose from.

  1. Blogging-

Blogging is the most convenient leisure income today. Contemporary housewives can easily opt for their blogging business. Though initially, it requires thorough groundwork, eventually, it can turn out to be a profitable business idea. Blogging business is all about earnings from various advertisements and affiliate programs. The best part of blogging is that there is no requirement of any particular investment of time. Homemakers or those who are sitting idle can easily decide their flexible work timings and can earn from blogging. To start with, one needs to create a website and fill it with any suitable articles of her choice. Once the website manages to garner a considerable number of viewers, the earnings can be made easily.

  1. Event Planning Business-

Women have the most creative minds ever. Even in their personal chores, they take charges of the small family functions or even the big fat Indian weddings effortlessly on their responsible shoulders. Here is an option open to them, to channelize this talent to a profitable business idea. First of all, some experience has to be acquired by working with a catering service company or planning house. Then you can start your own business. In this business, a very important point is to be noted and that is the quality of the services. The quality of gourmet planning, decor planning, and planning of the timeline of the events has to be on point. Once you manage to make a good portfolio after handling a few projects one after another, you are good to go.

 The above is a small endeavor to help those ambitious women who want to start something of their own. For more such useful content on lifestyle, stay tuned to VTV India.

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