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3 Ways to Master E-Teaching Process to become a New-Age Teacher!

The scenario of the education system has changed completely. Educators and teachers need to master this new form of teaching. This is just the beginning of the e-learning phase. However, this new edu-tech system could possibly unfold new innovation and technology in the coming future.

By Mridulata Sen

3 Ways to Master E-Teaching Process to become a New-Age Teacher!

In recent times E-Learning has become the New Normal! This phase is basically a time for reinventing, relearn, and unlearn. People are working hard to improve their personal lives and careers by going beyond their limits and accepting the new normal way of life.

Understanding the Demand for E-learning-

To become a pro in anything the first thing to start with is to know the demand for that knowledge in the market. This will help you visualize the career scope and will keep you motivated throughout the learning process.

A recent report says that India will need three million teachers by 2030. It is observed that online search for teaching jobs has increased by almost 40 percent rise in the last couple of years. This proofs the increasing demand for teachers in schools and online education websites.

 Now let’s read the three pro tips to help you become a New-Age teacher:

Be innovative and experiment:

A new aged teacher needs to think out of the box. Utilize the technology in such a way that it will work for you and you will get the time to know your best abilities. Innovative thinking is important to make education fun. Innovative thinking will also help to find solutions to common issues in a more easy way.

You may already have excellent communication and maybe you can even conduct effective in face-to-face sessions but always remember are you the same when you are required to deliver the same sessions online? It is important to showcase your ability on the online platforms as well for students to understand you the same way that they used to get in the classroom.

Adapting routine changes:

Keep yourself active to conduct sessions online at any available time. Try to become more resourceful as that will create a change in your work pattern. Now, there are no more Tiffin breaks or intervals between classes. Online sessions are conducted as per assigned time slots. Adapting the routine will help you give your best way out.

Self motivates and trains yourself:

When situations become difficult, take time to train oneself mentally so that you don’t feel disappointed. If you still feel that the effort given by you is not giving the desired results you wanted them to change the process of your work!

Also, check some ways to implement the use of technology in learning:

  • Try conducting Face-to-face sessions where the teacher or educator can instruct using digital tools.
  • Try to share the curriculum via a digital platform and with trainers available for face-to-face consultation, support, or mentoring.
  • Blend-learning – try to use the handwritten notes and share them on online course work so that in the initial stages it’s easy to adapt for students.
  • Online chapters- Students will complete an entire course through an online platform. All curriculum and teaching is delivered via a digital platform and face-to-face meetings are scheduled as per candidate ID number.

All this process will definitely make you learn to use technology and deliver great training programs effectively. Technology in recent times has not only made our lives hassle-free but also safe. People can safely be at their comfort places and yet be with the world virtually. Hence, to learn the usage of this technology-driven system before it's too late is very important. Hope these ways will help you see yourself soon as a New-Age Teacher.

Till then stay tuned for further coming tips!

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