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Impact Of Pandemic Coronavirus On Tourism Industry

As you know the Travel Industry contributes around 9.2 % to the Indian Economy. But coronavirus hardly hit the tourism industry. Coronavirus not only affected the tourism industry but it adversely affected the dependent area. Restaurants, hotels, taxis, and many other segments rely heavily on tourism.

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Impact Of Pandemic Coronavirus On Tourism Industry

According to experts, the epidemic coronavirus is the worst crisis that would ever occur in the tourism industry. This affected all tourism segments. It does not matter whether it is domestic or international.

From the last several years, Indian tourism contributing a good scale (9.2 %) to the Indian Economy but this deadly coronavirus paralyzed the entire travel and hospitality industry. As such, the government has temporarily banned all visas. Due to this Indian economy lost crores of rupees. Tourism is not a person or a company. Rather it is a long chain of travel agents, hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, tourist destinations, etc. and the bad aspect is that everyone has been equally affected by this fatal virus.

As you know there are many interpretations of everything. Similarly, to understand the effect of coronavirus on the tourism industry, we have to look at it with different lenses. For example - when we have pain in one part of the body automatically, the productivity of the whole body decreases. Likewise Coronavirus not only affected the tourism industry but it adversely affected the dependent area. Restaurants, hotels, taxis, and many other segments rely heavily on tourism. Tourism works efficiently when more and more people become part of this network. But right now it is running in deficit. Therefore, people who are working in this field lost their jobs. Cab service provider Uber also fired the above 2,000 employees from the post of a cab driver.

How is Indian tourism continuously falling during the Coronavirus?

CII Tourism committee constantly doing assessments and they found that since November and today date the percentage of visas cancellation risen up to 80% in March as people moving back to their home since the news coronavirus start picking up from November. If we talk about the domestic traveler fall is around 1.8 billion.  

As you know most of the holiday plans are created from May to July. Some people love to travel outside the country while some travel within the country. But this time it is almost zero as the government refrains all unnecessary travel plans. And December 2019 holiday month also gets affected due to the coronavirus news picks. People who were booked their tickets in advance for the summer holiday, everyone has canceled their ticket in advance and no further booking is taking place. As the government only allowed necessary travel.

Most of the tickets are booked through the make my trip. As per the statement of Make My Trip CEO, we found that the recommendation of the government hit adversely the international travel plan. As such the government does not issue any advice for domestic travel so far. But the people are avoiding travel within the country as well. They are finding safe to stay safe wherever they are.

Travel Safe During Coronavirus 

Note Here Some Travel Numbers Drop

If we talk about the statue of liberty, tourist, and revenue average loss during January and February. There is almost dropped down of 38 percent between the months of January to February. And the total loss of revenue is around 5 corers.

According to ASI (Archaeological Survey Of India), there are a total of 3691 historical sites are registered and out of which world heritage sites are total thirty-eight. And there is a constant fall in ticket booking and revenue.

As you know cases are still increasing rapidly. We are therefore unable to assess the situation and predict when the tourism industry will be back on track. Since people are earning less, they are limiting their travel and leisure budgets. Therefore, it may take longer than average to boom.

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