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Eight Effective Work From Home Tips for Women For More Productive Performance

Pandemic has taught us how to work from home and in times to come, you will see this as a new normal for sure.

By Neeraj Kumar

Eight Effective Work From Home Tips for Women For More Productive Performance

In this modern era women are not just confined to doing household works only. Having said that the inflation too hasn’t helped men’s cause for running a home. Hence women over the years have taken this responsibility and have shouldered the responsibility quite well as well. However, or all women it is not possible to go out and work as some of them do have their household responsibilities as well. Also with the current pandemic that the world is going through, it has taught people how you can work from home and still deliver the same way. The first work-from-home tip is to create on a good workspace. Let’s discuss on how you can make your home feel at work.

  1. Lighting: A well-lit workspace will invite all the positive energy you need to keep the day going.
  2. Ventilation: You wouldn't want to feel cranky mid-way, make sure the room is airy to avoid unwanted humidity and elevated room temperature.
  3. Table:Work can’t be done on beds and hence you need a nice set of table and chairs to get the momentum going for work.
  4. Keep essentials gadgets at your disposal: Essential equipment include laptops and pc’ as these days most of the work is done on them only.
  1. Have Back-up Electronics Ready: One big mistakes that all the rookies make is not having inverters. When you are working from home having back-up electronics is important. All the work have deadlines and if you don’t have proper back-up, you can’t promise work on time to your clients.

Here are a few general things that are recommend getting a reserve for:

  • Internet
  • Laptop
  • Headphones
  • Batteries for your devices
  • Chargers
  • Use a cloud service (such as Google Drive or Dropbox) for essential documents
  • Camera (in case you are into photography)
  • Cellphone

  1. Create a Work Playlist: Just like you create your music playlist, create yourself a work playlist as well. Maintaining a log-book is very important as you can set the day’s targets and at the end of the day you can check whether you have achieved them or not.

       7. Get Children and Husband Involved in Doing House-Hold Work:During this lockdown, the biggest challenge that came while working from home is doing household chores. Hence rather than doing it yourself, you can include your children, husband and other household members to join you and this way you can balance both.

        8. Discover Your High Productivity Periods:You may feel lazy in afternoon but great in mornings. Hence, discover the time you can yield maximum results and work on those time as this will increase the productivity of your work.

Many companies too are promoting work from home not just to maintain social distancing but they are finding it a new normal. In last decade or so, women have proved their worth and have showed men that they can manage home and work efficiently.

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