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Ashutosh Bhakre, A Marathi Actor: The Chain Of Suicides In Entertainment Industry

When the entire nation is howling over Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and has not come out of its traumatic effect, another actor, Ashutosh Bhakre has committed ‘suicide’ at his place, on July 29th, 2020 leaving people in shock. Hailing from the Marathi entertainment industry, he was a well known face in that field. The exact reason of his suicide is still unknown.

By Pallabi Ghatak

Ashutosh Bhakre, A Marathi Actor: The Chain Of Suicides In Entertainment Industry

Covid-19 is not only claiming lives for people's physical illness but also, it is snatching away people for their mental illness. While Sushant Singh Rajput's alleged suicide has made the entire nation paralyzed and outrageous, series of suicides of renowned people have put the mass in anguish. Recently, the country has received another blow of accidental and unnatural death of the young Marathi actor, Ashutosh Bhakre on 29th July 2020.

The actor, Ashutosh Bhakre allegedly committed suicide at his home in Nanded town in the Marathwada region, a police official said on Wednesday. The incident came to light on Wednesday afternoon when Bhakre (32) was found dead by his parents at his flat in Ganesh Nagar area of Nanded, leaving no suicide letter, the official said.

The reason behind the actor's suicide is not yet known and a case of accidental death has been registered at the Shivaji Nagar Police Station. 

Police inspector Anant Narute of Shivaji Nagar Police Station said, "The news came to us around 1:30 pm. We have registered an accidental death report (ADR) as per the standard procedure. We have recorded a statement from Ashutosh's father, and he hasn't blamed anyone for what happened. We haven't spoken to any other family members as they are still coming to terms with the loss."

Ashutosh Bhakre, an Indian actor and model, had primarily worked in the Marathi film and television industry. He was born and brought up in Nanded in a lower-middle-class family. After completing his education from the University of Pune, he went to Mumbai in search of a job and got one. But eventually, he decided to pursue his dream to be an actor. After a little bit of struggle, he started to get some nice projects. However, of late, he was not getting works.

He is known for his performances in blockbuster movies like Ichar Tharla Pakka, Bhakar, and others. He was a famous film producer too. He did so many excellent works in the Marathi film industry that he became a sensation there and gained huge popularity. On 20th July 2016, Ashutosh got married to Mayuri Deshmukh, a Marathi popular actress, who attained fame after her role in Marathi serial Kulta Ka Hulena.

Although the reason behind Ashutosh's sudden demise is unknown as no suicide note was found, he was reportedly suffering from depression since the last few days and had recently shared a video on social media in which he analyzed why a person commits suicide. There is no confirmed report if prescriptions or medications for his depression were recovered from the place. It is also believed that the success of his wife threw him into the endless chain of psychiatric problems, but no proof is there to establish this belief.

Other popular Marathi actors paid their condolences too. Shashan Ketkar and Reena Agarwal, who worked in '31 days', as well as veteran actor Sanjay Mone, who worked with Mayuri in the Marathi play "Dear Ajjo", expressed shock at the development.

Though the family has not alleged any foul play, in this case, Police is investigating the case and trying to find out the exact reason which compelled him to take such drastic steps.

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