Delhi-Based Ed-tech Startup Ezyschooling Is Simplifying Admission Procedure For Parents

Mayank, a graduate student of Delhi Technical University, launched his startup EzySchooling to make the admission process easier for parents. In one of his interviews, he said - "Belonging to a business family, he was always keen to create something of his own,"

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Delhi-Based Ed-tech Startup Ezyschooling  Is Simplifying Admission Procedure For Parents

“Focus on revenue from day zero, don't raise money for it. You can grow your business only if you become a businessman first,” said Mayank Jain, Founder, CEO, EzySchooling

The Ezyschooling process differs from the traditional admission process. The initial offline process is now online, which automatically eliminates manual labor, boring hours spent on shortlisting and applying significantly shrinks on both sides. With Ezyschooling, any school can join the portal and create a profile by setting admission criteria so that it can easily receive and manage applications. On the other hand, as far as the end of the parents is concerned, once they have selected their schools in the basket, they can easily apply that only charges a simple convenience fee, any other tests or interviews that follow. supported on the portal itself. They also provide recommendations based on a detailed form that parents fill out when they sign in.

Mayank further told us with a reach of 1.5 lakh monthly visitors and 45,000 registered parents; it automatically improves the reach of schools to attract more students.

What makes Ezychooling unique, a concept behind the name

"Ezyschooling" brand name crystal clearly holds the concept of the startup. The basic reason behind giving this name is that it is easy to understand & if anyone refers our product to somebody he/she can easily make it understand by the second person. We fully support parents till the age of eighteen. In simple terms, we come with the name Ezyschooling from easy education. During building this edtech startup he was totally focused to create a community that parents love to join and bless them with the information that helps them in a realistic manner.

Ezyschooling is the only multifunctional platform for parents and schools, with the goal of providing relevant information and features needed to make it a little easier for parents to take on the task of applying to school. Parents can apply to various schools through the school online. The offline student consumes the enrollment process. In addition, she also helps with all parenting issues with the professional help of doctors and nutritionists. There is also a port that helps schools hire teachers who want to work with them. The company has been operating successfully for 4 years. They teamed up with more than 135 schools at NCR in Delhi to bless about 15,000 parents.

Emergence Of Idea

Mayank told that the idea of ​​his startup came to his mind when he saw his brother struggling with the admission process for his son. He saw her doing around 15 days of shortlisting and applying for schools. While in college, he along with his friends engaged himself in the process of setting up the portal for EzySchooling, while his family stepped into bootstrap in the year 2017.

Mayank understood that the online entry process is a sort of punishment. There is a competition to admit children to good schools, but no schools offer the opportunity to admit students online. Because everything was digitized, Mayank wondered why it couldn't be. With all the brainstorming finally, ezyschooling came into play.


Being a newly admitted student of B-tech and Business World freshman Mayank had to constantly combine startups and studies. There was a lot he didn't know. He didn't know how to work with schools to get things started, but he soon figured it out. To make this adventure what it is today, he and his team had to work 16-18 hours a day, as well as to conduct research at the same time.

It's easy to hire people. Hiring the right people is difficult. And this was one of the other problems the startup faced. You can hire someone who's good, but you can still do it wrong, and that's what EasySchooling has learned.

Future Goals

It was a tough time because of the crazy virus that was lying on the streets, but it doesn't seem to have affected the dedication & self-esteem of the people in EzySchooling. Ezyschooling currently offers online schools and courses in school subjects as well as extra-curricular activities. His efforts caught the attention of many during the blockade, and he wanted his growth chart to move upward.

Their long-term goal is to get more schools working with them so that they can serve as many people as possible in NCR Delhi. 

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