Dr. Surbhi Nanda

“Win Every Battle of Life”

By Faber

Dr. Surbhi Nanda

“Win Every Battle of Life”

Ever watched the movie “Sanju”? Remember the scene where Ranbir Kapoor (Sanjay Dutt) craving to Paresh Rawal (Sunil Dutt) to save him from drugs addiction during the premiere of his first movie. Sanjay Dutt went through sever rehabilitation to get out from this serious enslavement. And he succeeds with one song “Kar Har Maidan Fateh” (He wouldn’t and the songs displays the journey). Now are you addicted to Netflix? Watched “Mexico Narcos”? Okay “Udta Punjab”? All of them discusses about drug abuse prevailing in various parts of state (Umm this can be the major reason for Trump’s Urgence to Build Wall at the Mexican Border. Now Please Don’t talk about USCMA as we aren’t here to this eco-geopolitical issue here). Well here we will talk about Dr. Surbhi Nanda who came out with supersonic idea to claim herself as the Indian Version of Olga  Malinkewicz. Come and go through her journey to success and efforts to social changes.

VTV India: What’s the name of the company or enterprise you are linked with or established by you?

Surbhi: Neuro Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Center

VTV India: What do you offer through your business?

Surbhi: It works on Physiotherapy treatment.

VTV India: What bring you or triggered you to come into venture mode and provide any sort of medical services?

Surbhi: Pain free what one can live is the ultimate goal I want to offer through my services.

VTV India: What is the philosophy of life?

Surbhi: As simple as Live and Let Live. (Smiles)

VTV India: What are the hindrances you have faced in your initial steps after you established your medical centre?

Surbhi: I started with treatment over the rented land as I don’t have place in my own domain and had to go for this.

VTV India: How did you overcome with that? 

Surbhi: I am still consistently fighting with this issue unless I get a handsome amount of capital. I believe my persistence will let me to come out with flying colours from this bug.

VTV India: From where did you put your first investment in your so-called venture?

Surbhi: I used my SIP amounts and FDs I stored for all these years as my investment in this work.

VTV India: Is there any sort of external financial aid provided to you?

Surbhi: No, I haven’t been offered with any such grant.

VTV India: What are the 3 traits one need according to you to get success?

Surbhi: Curdling over 3 things can bring success in one’s life according to me and they are: Belief, Will Power and Smile.

VTV India: Top 5 mobile applications you use personally?

Surbhi: I stick with 3 mobile Applications like:

  1. Facebook
  2. Whatsap
  3. Gmail

VTV India: What do you use for helping people in your organisations?

Surbhi: Physiotherapy equipment.

VTV India: Can you share some tips on increasing productivity which has been self-tested by you?

Surbhi: Hard work and Smart Work is the key to increase productivity and efficiency of an individual and collectively for an organisation. 

VTV India: What you would like to change in yourself or where do you see yourself in near future?

Surbhi: I will like to grab and tap more customers and help them to come out from the dieases (It’s not less than) they are facing. I will like to start more initiatives to collect people to stop Drug Addiction.

VTV India: The best startup you would like to invest in?

Surbhi: I have not made any idea to invest in any other startup.

VTV India: Let’s go for some quick answers (one liner):

  • One success tip

Surbhi: 100% Devotion

VTV India: – Biggest Mistake of Life

Surbhi: Believing in others

VTV India: Greatest Learning of Business

Surbhi: Umm, (Takes time) Don’t Believe others

VTV India: One message to new startups or entrepreneurs.

Surbhi: Present full devotion and keep faith and do smart work to groom yourself.

VTV India: Share a quote that inspires you the most.

Surbhi: Jiyo muskurao khush raho, Kya pata Kal ho na ho (Now that’s called  SRK Lover).

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