Retain The Star- Here's How This Startup Platform Is Helping Laid Off Employees In Retaining Their Jobs

In this global economic crisis, employers are compelled to lay off their many loyal employees. For helping these employees and employers, three youngsters have come up with an Startup Platform- Retain The Star. Let's go through how it works.

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Retain The Star- Here's How This Startup Platform Is Helping Laid Off Employees In Retaining Their Jobs

Covid-19 pandemic situations have given us nothing but unemployment, decreasing GDP, and economic crisis. These consequences are not supposed to end very soon. Most of the organizations and companies are not able to pay their employees, so they are cutting their salary and many employees are subject to layoffs.

Retain The Star is one of the communities that have come forward to help the laid off employees in this inevitable condition caused by Covid-19. This community has many experts from various fields like IITs, IIMs, XLRI, MDI, etc. This startup is the ray of hope for all the employers who are putting their efforts into sustaining their business and the employees who are suffering a lot due to salary cuts.

Retain The Star has come up with an optimal solution for these situations of employees and employers. This community is specially dealing in providing the laid-off employees an opportunity to work continuously and the employers who don’t want to lose their loyal employees but are not able to pay them.

This platform is free of cost and it prevents the termination of employment by creating both sides winning conditions for employees and employers.

Main Problem of Employees And Employers

There is not any industry or corporation in this world which has not been affected due to this global crisis. Even many of the organizations could not sustain and had to be shut down. On one side, employees are being compelled to let their loyal workers go. On the other side, this pandemic has pushed the career of all these laid off employees in a deep ditch of uncertainty and hopelessness but the working model of Retain The Star has proved itself helpful them a lot. Let’s see how.

The founders made their working model which is based on an exchange system between two companies. The company which wants to retain the worker but can't afford him can lend him to another company for some specific duration until the original employers become able to hire him again.

So, by using this method, companies retaining all the employees not only this but second company which is hiring temporary will also be getting benefited from the service of loyal workers.

How This Platform Works

The company serves as a platform for the employers of various companies where they can list their laid-off employees. Laid-off employees are here made by those employees for home company and are not able to afford the cost. The company which is listing the employee will have to provide the website with all the relevant documents so that their identity can be checked.

Now different companies are provided access to the details of these laid-off employees. Then they select their desirable candidates according to the profiles.

Hence, the laid-off employees can get a new workplace to perform his job and the original company will also be able to hire them again. This situation will be beneficial for both sides, for employees as well as for their employers.

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