Wallmantra: An Indian Startup With Their Modern Designs Is Gearing Up Home Décor game!

Wallmantra is an Indian startup which brings art forms to people all over the world. WallMantra founded its presence into the online platform. It offers more than a thousand unique products on their website giving its customers varieties of options at one place.

By Mridulata Sen

Wallmantra: An Indian Startup With Their Modern Designs Is Gearing Up Home Décor game!

India has always been diverse when it comes to art forms. It is internationally accepted and is popular all over the world. However, the reachable of Indian art forms was yet to be recognized globally until Wallmantra came in.

Wallmantra is an Indian startup that brings art forms to people all over the world. Not only that in India it offers a modern variety of home and interior decor designs to match contemporary modern living.  It aims to sell and design affordable interior decor. Today, Wallmantra has come a long way since it started its journey and is recognized as a brand worldwide.

It all started in the year 2013 when WallMantra founded its presence on the online platform.  It offers more than a thousand unique products on its website giving its customers a variety of options in one place. 

You might be thinking that what is so unique about it! In today’s time, almost every other e-commerce platform serves the same but yes Wallmantra has something different to bring to the table for you. They have their own ownership of end-end processes it means that right from design and procurement to sales and shipping everything is under their control. Also, the quality and timely delivery of the product is taken care of by them. This makes them different from any other competitors in the market.

In India Wallmantra especially focuses on the design which brings out the best in interior spaces while every product is designed keeping in mind its utility and space requirement.  It offers a very unique range of products like Wall Aquariums- a new and easy way to keep fishes in house, 3D Frames-layers design with LED, Garden Shelves-a short of portal Garden in your house, Wall Shelves-designs inspired from real-life characters, Wooden Wall Hangings, designer clocks, and many more. Not only that all of these can be accessed by the users through their own website. 

We all know that the entire world has faced an economic breakdown after the pandemic hit but Wallmantra has shown no signs of stopping. They have worked on expanding their operations and has also generated a whole lot of employment by responding to Govt’s call for #VocalForLocal and #AtmanirbharBharat

The surprising and amazing part is that  Wallmantra has hired and trained a workforce of more than 100 people and is still continuing to do so.

Wallmantra has also expanded its presence into social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram which has contributed largely to their growth.  

It is expected that Wallmantra will expand their business more in coming future. So don’t miss out to check their collections!

If you are palling to set up your house or renovate it or change the look and feel of your house then definitely go and check their website. You can also visit their Instagram and Facebook pages to see the latest collections!



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