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Impact Of Covid19 On Education & Schooling Of Children

All educational institutions are closed in a nationwide lockdown to avoid the corona virus. Till now, the board examination, JEE Main and NEET have also not been conducted. The annual examination in higher educational institutions has also not started. It is not possible to say when the examination will be held.

By garima

Impact Of Covid19 On Education & Schooling Of Children

It is difficult to open an educational institution until the corona virus is relieved. In such a situation, a committee of experts is making a report on the preparations and possibilities of how and when the academic session 2020-21 will start. According to the preliminary report, the syllabus is set to be slightly reduced when the academic session 2020 starts late.

According to a senior central government official, the Human Resource Development Ministry has set up separate committees of experts for schools and higher educational institutions. At the school level, three parts have been made from nursery to 5th, 6th to eighth and 9th to 12th grade.
A curriculum-based academic session 2020 is becoming a calendar for these classes. In this, which class will decide how, how much, how many subjects, lessons etc. to read and how to conduct the examination etc.
Sources say that there will not be much tampering in the syllabus of students from 9th to 12th standard. Based on the results of these classes, further admission is made to universities. Non-urgent courses may be shorter, however. It is expected that by the last week of April all the committees will submit their report to the government.

The committees are also taking suggestions from the education department as well as experts of various state governments. Session in schooling in India runs from 1 April to 31 March. Academic sessions are considered from 21 July to June in higher educational institutions.

Online classes on Saturday and Sunday
Online classes will also be held at home on Saturday and Sunday in the academic session 2020 to complete the course. Apart from this, the option of extra class is also being seen. December holidays can be merged. There is also a decision to end the holidays except for the big festival. That is, there will be at least holidays in the next one year.

Higher education session in August or September
Higher educational institutions and universities are likely to start academic session 2020 in August or September. Universities, engineering, medical, architecture colleges cannot be admitted without board exams and JEE Main and NEET results. Preparations are to be held in the last week of May and annual examinations in June. However, it will all depend on the condition of corona virus in the country till mid-May.

Currently, every house is a school and every parent is a teacher. The playtime and me time gets merged with school time and there is no boundary between bed room and class room for millions of children in the country. India has nearly 300 million kids in 1.4 million schools and 51,000 colleges.It would be surprising to see how their education will be done during these hard times specially for the students who were working hard to study abroad. At least for this year, we see little or no scope for students possibility to leave country for admissions in abroad universities. 

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