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Priyanshu Ratnakar - Boy Who Seeks To Protect The Cyber World With His Skills!

Those who pioneered the boom and bust of life have always been respected by the world. And guess what! Another name has been added to this list of successful people. Priyanshu Ratnakar, a 17-year-old boy who started his startup "Protocol X" because of his passion for information technology. We watch the extraordinary journey of an extraordinary boy to make his dreams come true.

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Priyanshu Ratnakar - Boy Who Seeks To Protect The Cyber World With His Skills!

Priyanshu was born into a middle-class family who lived in a small town in Bihar as their first child. It was one of the remote locations with limited study equipment and opportunities. But Priyanshu was not just an academic, as he was more focused on learning about different technologies from the very first day of his schooling. The same reason is attributed to the instability of their educational outcomes in the middle and below-average student category. However, failure in some subjects could not stop him from learning new techniques, which soon became his passion. When most of the students were busy playing games or studying for academic examinations, he started studying Microsoft DOS in the third standard itself.

Priyanshu was so fond of technology that nothing could stop his passion for more information. When his family could not afford his high-performance computer, he stayed in his computer lab after school to learn and practice the languages ​​of various computer programs. The slowdown of the Internet at that time was also an obstacle to his education, but he overcame all difficulties and managed to learn most of the programming languages ​​by the time he started the eighth grade. Without any mentor to guide him, he became a freelance developer by building his first website at age 12 and launching his Android app at age 13.

Be Ahead Of Your Time

His level of knowledge reached its peak in early childhood, but that was not enough to justify his passion and dedication to information technology. He discovered his new interest in the world of hacking and cybersecurity during the ninth grade of school. Priyanshu decided to get into the field of cybersecurity and started learning the general aspects of the field by taking lessons and following up-to-date blogs. When he graduated from Dave Public School, Maleghat was a master of most technologies.

Creating Motivation For Lifestyle

How life is full of unusual surprises that affect goals and dreams. The same thing happened with Priyanshu when the additional school workload along with the start at a very young age began to be a problem. It was a time when one of his greatest achievements brought him into a state of dilemma. He was invited by Google, stating that his application was selected for “Devfest”, a Google-hosted developer event hosted by Google. That came true for him, and all he wanted then was to attend the event. However, it was time for exams for all 11 students of his school, and failure to attend the exams could lead to his failure. He was discouraged by how well he was doing, but he was always motivated, even though no one supported him. Later he had a discussion with his parents and also displays achievements to them. Convinced after seeing his true talent, his parents defended their decision to leave rehearsals and attend festivities to focus on greater life goals.

There is always one point in everyone's life when we have to face a catastrophic state of depression. Something similar happened on the way to Priyanshu when his startup did not meet with a great response. Although he tried his best to show the quality of the services provided by his launch, his efforts seemed to be in vain. He became so depressed that he didn't go to school for many days. In addition, he also stopped learning and is not interested in learning new technologies. It was a time when good books and biographies of famous people helped him. He always likes to read while feeling low and unmotivated, but this time he used these lessons to get out of the depression phase. And within a few months, he fully recovered and began to focus on the new strategies of his startup, which resulted in further work for him.

We Have A Bright Future Ahead Of Us

It is very well said that God helps those who want to help themselves, and this is exactly the case with Priyanshu. From ranking first at the state level to create a Doodle for Google to launching his startup after class 10th, he's come a long way. With the rapid increase in internet usage in India, along with rapid technological advancements since 2000, its focus has shifted to protect users from the growing threat of cybercrime and network fraud.

He uses his talent in the right way and in the short time of his entrepreneurship life journey he has obtained more than 40 certificates. Not only that, 2019 brought him many laurels, including a male entrepreneur in 2019, the Kalam Youth Leadership Award 2019, the prestigious Indian in 2019, the India Star Passion 2019, and the Incredible Indian Icon Award 2019. These awards fill up Priyanshu’s heart with more confidence.

Difficult times have encouraged him to put extra effort to learn the most advanced technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), AI (artificial intelligence), and machine learning that will serve people as efficiently as possible. The company has developed an app based on Cyber Hedge's artistic intelligence that will help users identify fake WhatsApp messages and messages that have claimed the lives of many in the last two years.

Final Words

It may seem like a dream life for everyone else, but only Priyanshu has lived successes and failures all his life. His hard work and courage to achieve something unique give us the best opportunities to face obstacles in our lives. The best thing about his success is that he not only creates his destiny but also tries to bring a revolutionary change to the world with his technological knowledge and development.


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