PikMe - Become Virtually A part Of Queue Before Going To Store

During shopping, when you go to the store and then stand in a queue, it wastes a lot of time and is risky in this COVID-19 outbreak. PikMe's smart SaaS platform offers you virtual queue management services for your desired store.

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PikMe - Become Virtually A part Of Queue Before Going To Store
PikMe - Become Virtually A part Of Queue Before Going To Store

Suppose if you are going shopping and when you arrived, you have to be in the queue. How boring is it? Isn’t it? PikMe has come up with a solution to this problem.

How It Started

SOLYD, a Startup with its headquarter located in Ohio, USA, was launched to give a proper solution to fragmented transportation logistics worldwide. The previous year, in the month of October, this firm rebranded its transportation logistics platform as RidesApp. Simultaneously, it put its steps in the Indian market as PikMe to serve in the niche of hyper-local grocery delivery with its headquarter located in Chennai.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, PikMe introduced something innovative stuff. In April 2020, it launched a virtual queue and appointment management system. As per the statement of Prabhat Kumar Singh, the CEO, and founder, “We are formally active and operating in Pune nowadays and before Pune, we had tried in five more cities in India on a small scale.”

Working Mechanism Of PikMe

PikMe provides its partner stores with branding and fulfillment services. Local shops and Kirana stores are registered on the platform of PikMe for branding purposes. Those who are using PikMe, through their local identities, PikMe also provides cloud delivery capabilities to these stores.

In order to provide a safe shopping environment for the customers, their platform ensures your presence in the queue before you reach your desired store. It is a service for crowd management and this platform is working in tandem with the government-mandated Aarogya Setu which is basically a tracking system for COVID-19.

PikMe offers a public virtual queue for its customers for free. It enables them for joining the queue before they go shopping. It will help in saving the time of customers as well as keeping the employees and patrons of the store safe from COVID-19 cross-infection.

Here’s The Smart Team Of PikMe

Prabhat, an IIT Kharagpur has worked with JP Morgan Chase and Standard Chartered. In Innoplexus, he had worked as a chief data scientist.

Very soon, he met with the co-founder and CFO Meenu Agarwal who has 20 plus years of experience in tax, finance, and paralegal matters of investment banking in JP Morgan Chase and other firms.

Prashant Singh, one of the co-founders of SOLYD, is the head of the management team of India operations of PikMe. Sreeni Herugu, another co-founder of SOLYD, manages US operations. Sreeni is a blockchain Startup advisor.

Now PikMe has an active team of 21 employees. Among them, they have eight developers, four digital marketing experts, five employees in the sales team, and four in the management team.

This is startup provides business to business SaaS model to its partner stores so that they can manage their customer flow with charges 5% on sales on the invoice.

For virtual queue management, PikMe allows public users to nominate shops that they would want to avail of the services. Based on the polls, it has been onboarding shops and stores. While it does not charge its users for booking virtual appointments or queue management, the businesses or partner stores pay 10 paise per customer for an appointment in India. In the US, partner stores are charged one cent for appointments and queues.

What The Market Says

The queue management system market was of 435 million dollars in the year 2019 and by the end of 2027, it is expected to reach up to 618.9 billion dollars. PickMe's queue management services are in line with the players which include Q UP, Zenoti, Mio Salon, Practo, Quemineds, Oxyfind, and DINGG.

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