Sizzling & Captivating Poonam Singh Built a Special Empire For Herself In Male-Dominated Photography Field – Exclusive Interview

Founder of Framemanics Poonam Singh exclusive interview. Her personality is quite astonishing. She is the woman who bravely chosen the male-dominated field of photography and successfully builds a privileged place. Learn here more about her sizzling and captivating personality.

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Sizzling & Captivating Poonam Singh Built a Special Empire For Herself In Male-Dominated Photography Field – Exclusive Interview

I Always Try To Capture that very thing that is Impossible To Reproduce” - Photogenic Poonam Singh

Photography is significant on the grounds that it permits individuals to see the world from various perspectives and to respect the various situations and circumstances caught in a solidified second. It is one of the reasons behind photography becoming a trend.  It is covering a wide part of the planet. 

Innovative photography permits us to see the world in new manners, to drop assumptions, and to discover the center in an occupied, tumultuous world. There is another aspect of photography we have learned from the founder of Framemanics Poonam Singh. She believes photography works to heal your soul. She is the one who blurs the segment of gender roles once again. We all know photography is a male-dominated world but then also with her dedication and passion she created a beautiful empire for her. She is an inspiration to millions of women who keep themselves within the shackles of patriarchy. Her life journey tempts me to recall the movement of Pinjratod and generate self-made wings to fly in the open sky. 

Let's have a look at the exclusive interview of captivating sheroes Poonam Singh and feel inspired. Prepare yourself to step out of the grounded boundary.

Give a short description of your stunning personality.

I m a very proud wedding photographer and run this successful and famous production house Frame Maniacs. I take great pride in telling one and all that I have chosen a field that is male-dominated and made a name for myself with years of hard work and passionately working diligently towards being the best in the business.

What inspires you to pick up the photography field?

I was into the film making field but due to family tragedy, I was unable to go to Bombay. So I decided to use my knowledge and interest in the photography and wedding industry. My ideas and creativity strike the young couples and I did the promising work to make their dream true.

When did you start photography?

I am doing photography for the last ten years. And I have really enjoyed my journey till now being a photographer and Videographer and a self-made entrepreneur.

Have you taken any formal training or self-taught?

Yes, I have taken formal training. In order to attain perfection, I have done mass communication. I have graduation in film and camera studies and masters in mass communication. I have learned the camera and lighting from there.

Please give me a brief description of your product and service?

We offer these following services:

  • Corporate shoot
  • Wedding Photography
  • Documentary and Ad films

And I am a TV anchor in DD sports as well.

What’s your favorite pre-wedding shoot?

There are many but which I love the most are Goa and Bhawali. As both places offer moderate temperatures. So it also makes it easy to shoot. These two are the perfect locations for a pre-wedding shoot. And I want to mention Leh and Ladakh also as its beauty is indispensable.

What’s your next five-year plan?

See I really don’t make plans and I take life as it comes. I believe in God and his knowledge that whatever happens in the future will be fruitful. With god's grace, I receive positive vibes.

Share one habit that makes you more productive?

I always write down things to do, in my diary, and give myself a deadline. Deadlines are very important and create a constant reminder that never lets me get lazy and I am on my toes all the time.

Are you are satisfied with your job?

Well to be honest what I do is what I love the most and when you are pursuing your passion then it is no longer a job but a lifestyle so yes I love my business of photography.

What is the most challenging event in your life so far?

According to me, all events are challenging in their own style. We have to deal with different choices n tastes of the clients and yet make it look very beautiful n creative with uniqueness. Being the producer for the commonwealth queen's baton relay and traveling the entire country and shooting the entire journey and facing the challenging situations was by far the toughest and most exciting project and situation I ever faced.

What is the best way to overcome failure?

Failure is just a mental phenomenon. If you think you failed you fail. If you think you gave it your best shot then you keep on trying till you finally succeed. To overcome failure one must keep on working constantly towards one's goal with full zeal and enthusiasm and one day our dedication and perseverance pay off.

Quick Answers In One or Two-Sentence

Give One Tip To Success

Tip to success is consistency. Work towards your goal of being unstoppable. Just do what you believe.

What do you like to do other than photography?

 Other than photography I like to make short films and anchoring.

One Tip To Inspire an upcoming photographer?

Keep exploring – Keep Doing – Keep experimenting. And I recommend if you are creative than no need to follow the rules. #makeyourownrules

What inspires you to stay motivated?

I think my sweet clients and their sweet messages and feedback I receive from my work.

I hope you loved reading this exclusive Interview session of Sizzling & Captivating Poonam Singh. Get in touch to learn about more positive personalities like her.

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