This Startup Wants To Bring Change The Way Young People Consume News!

India has one of the largest adolescent populations in the world - around 250 million. Surprisingly, more and more brands are actively responding to this segment. The media industry is not indifferent to this trend and founder Nyus Puru Thakkar intends to break this space by turning the news into memes.

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This Startup Wants To Bring Change The Way Young People Consume News!

Born and raised in Vadodara, Gujarat, Puru, at the age of 20, he is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the GCEC (Global Center for Entrepreneurship and Commerce) in Jaipur. After learning to code at the age of 11, his passion was to become an entrepreneur at a young age.

During the lockdown period, Puru accidentally went through a social news aggregator and a Reddit discussion platform. The US election was in full swing, and the source was full of Donald Trump memes. One reader commented on consuming meme messages, and the seed for Nyus was planted in Puru's head in mid-2020.

"Usually, when someone sees a meme, they have to search Google to find an information context for it. However, Nyus News memes make it fun, along with added information in the form of a headline and a short summary, ” explains Puru.

How does Nyus work?

Nyus' target group is in the 13-24 year age group. It offers a free application in the Android ecosystem. The startup uses the React Native, Node.js, and MongoDB (MERN) stacks for the application and the server.

With the messaging application, users can read messages, create memes, participate in discussions and share their opinions, making messages fun and social experience.

The news in the app also specifically focuses on news categories such as sex ed, personal finance, career, psychology, technology, along with daily news.

Income and challenges for the future

Currently, the startup does not generate income, but sees sponsorship as a source of income. The company hopes to work with brands and businesses targeting teens and present their products through advertising or affiliate marketing to unlock greater earning potential.

The main challenge for a content-oriented business is the quality and quantity of the content. Initially, Nyus had only four or five positions. However, Puru then decided to open a platform for other "memes" or, as they call them, "creators".

"We now publish between 17 and 20 articles a day and we are trying to increase this number even more," he added.

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Future Plans

For Puru, the long-term goal is to expand into larger markets where memes are even more widespread, such as the US, and also explore other categories where they can be used, such as academia.

However, in the short term, the startup is focused on expanding its user base, experimenting with ads, generating income through sponsorship, and exploring other sources of income. He also strives to build and develop a team in marketing, technology, and content.

Although Nyus is very early in his life cycle, he has managed to lay a foundation that should be able to appeal to the adolescent segment. Monetization should only be a matter of time before the startup explores revenue streams like affiliate advertising, sponsorship, paid content, and more. You could also work with educational technology companies to create educational content.

Nyus also has an important social aspect: it allows teenagers to be more aware of events in their country and around the world, which is important for the leaders of tomorrow. Since all the reports are written primarily for the adult population, simplifying the reports and presenting them in a more interesting way is a really interesting idea.

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