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Best Cybersecurity Startups offering High-End security solutions

The need for cybersecurity has increased tremendously with the growing scam and criminals. A good cybersecurity company is always required for the peace of mind of the enterprises and big businesses to keep their data safe.

By Yash Singhi

Best Cybersecurity Startups offering High-End security solutions

In the midst of the pandemic, a lot of ventures and government elements have begun embracing cybersecurity measures. Specialists accept this interest for cybersecurity arrangements is probably going to develop as digital hoodlums keep on benefiting from the pandemic for monetary profit, international incomparability, and reputational thought processes 

Here are some of the best-rated cybersecurity startups of India which provide the best and quality solutions to different companies across.


WiJungle is enjoyed creating and promoting brought together system security entryway to organizations in excess of 25 nations over the globe. the jungle was established in 2014, WiJungle was propelled as a totally free WiFi administration and it was the primary Indian privately owned business to raise this thought. At the present time, the organization is serving to government and privately owned businesses the nation over. 
Wijungle, the world's single digital safety player and has again been recognized and perceived for its incomparable development. 
National Institute for Transforming India(NITI) Aayog and COAI upheld Aegis Graham Bell Award saluted the innovators across various ventures in its tenth Award Ceremony sorted out at NDMC assembly hall in New Delhi.


Lucideus was established in the  Institute of Technology Bombay for data security administrations. It is an AI-ML empowered phase to which is responsible for marketing with undertakings over the planet. This aspect ceaselessly screens and reacts to digital dangers adequately and diminish digital assaults. Lucideus has likewise made its image name universally; it urges institutions to concentrate on cybersecurity in an enormous manner. It was Organized in the year 2012 by Saket Modi, Rahul Tyagi, and some other members. Lucideus emerged as a  real-time cybersecurity inspection and monitoring program for industries called SAFE. 


Sequretek is another cybersecurity startup that is intended to disentangle security for undertakings and organizations. It assists with providing with them with AI and ML-driven security devices and configurations which will guarantee that the association is sure about and appropriately equipped against all the security dangers with no weakness. These dangers can be known and obscure and Sequretek deals with everything. Sequretek has aptitude in areas like BFSI, web-based business, retail, human assistance, security, entertainment, assembling, etc.


Securitybulls is a startup that offers all-encompassing pen-testing, IT security evaluations, and framework security administrations to investigate the customer organization's advanced resources from the digital aggressors' perspective, survey their security hazard pose, and give a remediation diagram to help improve their customer's cybersecurity methodologies. It joins the intensity of digitization and robotization with the skill and knowledge of security specialists in its modified arrangements. 
Security Bulls is an exceptionally respected and experienced organization that gives security preparing and administrations to corporate, mechanical, and government associations. Security Bull's strategy to enhance the vocation of IT security authorities by assigning reasonable and far-reaching instruction. Security Bulls is a central security counseling specialist organization.


Recognize is a Bangalore-based cybersecurity startup that offers cloud-based, AI/ML-empowered, mechanized security justifications for attempts that are grasping digitization. These arrangements empower undertakings to de-chance themselves in a reliable, endless, and steady way through proactive hazard appraisal, ID, remediation, and the board's overall IT reserves with constant risk manner and zero human blunder. Their answer mechanizes the examination of gaps in the territorial and worldwide managerial and consistent conditions.

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