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Can Digital Fitness Classes Take Over Physical fitness Centres Post The Pandemic?

Even though Gyms, Spas, and Yoga classes have opened with clauses, people have find a new normal with digital fitness sessions.

By Neeraj Kumar

Can Digital Fitness Classes Take Over Physical fitness Centres Post The Pandemic?

The pandemic has spread fear among households and that is why people have become health conscious and have started adopting a healthy lifestyle to boost their immunity.

People Turning Towards Fitness

This pandemic has taught us in many ways how one keeps selves fit even without going to the gym. The fitness and health centers remained closed due to lockdown and people also started searching for options to continue with their workouts. Various trainers, freelancers, fitness centers, and influencers went online to provide their services to not just their already based customers but to the new entrants as well. Many platforms provided their workout videos digitally. Clients were given the option to pick & choose from live sessions, pre-recorded sessions, or personal training sessions. People enjoyed watching massive numbers of online training programs and started their daily workout sessions at home with the equipment of their choice.

Having said that professional bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts found it tough to train at home since they need advanced and heavy gym equipment. Professional training floors and advanced gym equipment are an influential factor in this industry. The digital fitness classes lack the personal supervision of gym trainers using advanced gym equipment. However, for people who do simple yoga and basic workout, digital fitness classes are a boon. All the people in a home can work out together and that itself can be motivating for people to do basic work out and keep themselves fit.     

Fitness Centers Reopened With Clauses

For people who want a basic workout, digital fitness classes are beneficial. However, for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders going to the gym is important. As soon as unlock started, many fitness centers and gyms have re-opened but with strict clauses. Some mandatory precautions that have been taken include regular and proper sanitization, limited capacity per hour, pre-scheduling of classes, 5 feet distance between customers, temperature check prior to entering the gym, and mandatory face masks among others. The fitness centers in India have started to maintain the guidelines. They are responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment for their customers. Many fitness enthusiasts have also started going to gyms.

Conclusion: - Off late, many fitness influencers have made their mark in this industry. They have offered various packages of weight loss among others through online sessions. For people who can’t have such a huge set-up can show off their fitness skills online and attract customers. Since people have realized that maintaining fitness is of utmost importance and many people have joined online fitness classes. The fitness trainers too are not confined to one city. They can now have an audience from across the country and globally as well.
People who train hard and need equipment to workout with have started going to the gym. The facilities at the gym can’t be compared to the one that you can have at home. Hence, fitness centers and gym will always remain important for people seeking professional workout sessions using advanced equipment.

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