How The Death Of His puppy Inspired This Stock Trader To Set Up Comprehensive Pet Care Startup?

Monkoodog launched in 2019, is a link between Google and Facebook, but for pets. It helps pet parents track medical records, vaccination programs, and deworming, find restaurants and hotels suitable for pets, arrange to play dates, fur care services, and access nearby emergency services such as ambulances.

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How The Death Of His puppy Inspired This Stock Trader To Set Up Comprehensive Pet Care Startup?

For dog father Manish Paul, the adoption of his French puppy Mastiff was the last straw. As a man who had owned a dog since he was 9 years old, he was no stranger to pets, but dog responsibility was new to him. Like many pet owners, she took advantage of the Internet to find material that would help her in her journey to raise her new dog.

Although information about veterinarians and veterinary hospitals was readily available online, the information was distributed, unplanned, and not modern. For other information, including pet keepers, trainers, and nutritionists, he had to go to his friends and family and welcome them when they responded to people.

When his dog died suddenly from a common dog disease that many dog ​​parents suffer from bloat, he discovered that there was a serious shortage of pets in India where problems, such as those he had faced, could be quickly resolved. If the pet parent community existed, Manish would send an instant message asking for advice and be able to do something to save his puppy.

Most pet services in India are independent companies and are not integrated under one umbrella. Even discovery is problematic, especially when migrating from capitals.

Most importantly, a software-based system available for iOS and Android helps pet parents track their vaccines and worm plans, track their growth, and find other pets nearby to communicate with.

Prior to founding Monkoodog with co-founders Himani Baisla and Abhishek Singh, Manish spent more than 13 years in the financial industry, specializing in derivatives and algorithms. Of the three, they have three dogs and two cats. This pet show will teach you how to train your pets online.

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Business and income model

The platform has registered 3,000 pets in an organic way, without spending money on marketing and orally only through its social networks.

Manish first launched Monkoodog as a YouTube channel, where he made a video on pet care, domestic behavior, training, etc., gaining more than 50,000 followers and a total of more than six million views. After gaining many supporters, he decided to start a business near her. He saw his idea confirmed soon after several viewers of the channel pointed out the shortcomings in the pet care industry in India.

"The idea was to create a platform that brought together everyone in the pet care industry and made them talk and work together to serve their animal parents in the best possible way," Manish told.

The establishment currently does not generate revenue and focuses exclusively on electricity generation, recruitment of new providers, access to information on basic services for parents of pets, such as crematoria, pets, rescue services, rescuers, etc. Get more pet parents to profile their pets in the app.

In the future, however, Monkoodog will try to charge service providers a small commission for each meeting you help secure space through their platform.

The facility is currently self-financing and the founders have invested more than 40 million of their own money. They are in the process of increasing their first institutional cycle.

Along with the activation service, it has also created a community of peer-to-peer parents who can learn from each other and join in to play offline.

Imagine Monkoodog as a pet on Facebook Google+. You can discover everything and everything about your pets and you can rely on a large community of animal parents to help you with the parenting process, ”says Manish.

Facts About Dogs | Dog's News & Events | Dog Care Tips | Monkoodog

Plans for the future

Manish considers Monkoodog to be the only information repository and also a central platform that stores information about pets, including vaccines, deworming, and care programs.

In the future, the founder hopes to include some pet veterinarians (breeders, trainers, veterinarians, etc.) and bring them under the auspices of Monkoodog as an internal version. Providers would work as part of Monkoodog and use the platform to find new customers.

"So the next time a parent finds a nursing home in a city where they don't live, Moncoodog tells them it's a service they can trust," Manish explains.
The institution has experienced a lot of traffic and influence in the United States and is coming together to build its presence there. According to domestic data, India is the second-largest market. Its competitors in India include companies such as PetNest, Heads Up for Tails, and VetCo.

The pet care industry in India has more than doubled, from Rs 1,594.8 million in 2015 to Rs 3,701.99 million in 2021, as per Euromonitor International Report. Moncoodog is in a good position to gain a share of this growing market.

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