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IIM Alumna Quits High Paying Job To Dedicate Herself To Her Passion, Now Millions Know Her

Everyone dreams of something, and the greatest happiness they can have is the achievement of their dreams. There are many challenges, but perseverance is the key. Writing is a creative field that attracts a lot of interest. This artistry did not fail to seduce Swati Kaushal who is the well-known writer of today's date.

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IIM Alumna Quits High Paying Job To Dedicate Herself To Her Passion, Now Millions Know Her

Today, Swati is the prestigious author of four best-selling books and currently working on the fifth composition. She is a passionate mother who rises above the sky. When she worked in marketing, she came up with interesting and attractive labels that sounded good to the audience.

Swati graduated from IIM Calcutta followed by a high business career. But his mind was focused on changing the world, one page at a time. She spent several years managing brands in global companies while she dealt with motherhood. She soon realized she was stuck with a mouse. She understood that life has a lot to offer, but only if she is ready to spread her wings and embrace the news. This feeling prompted him to take a break from his business and explore life elsewhere.

She spent many years leading brands and juggling motherhood at global companies. She soon realized that she was in the rat race. She realized that life has so much to offer when it sets out to spread its wings. This feeling made her take a break from his job and search for life elsewhere.

After receiving advice from a journalist, she began writing his first book, a piece of cake. Although Swati ended his business life, his former chains were not ready to leave him. He received an offer from one of the world's leading companies, but his determination forced him to reject the offer.

After getting rid of her corporate job, Swati began to enjoy life. She was eager to do something with her writing skills that traveled with her. She understood that her voice was contemporary and showed it as a fundamental part of her professional journey.

At some point in their lives, her husband's new job forced her to move to the United States, where life had to begin again. Swati remembers one morning when she remembered an incident from her previous work life. The episode was funny, so he decided to write it funny. This made people laugh and encouraged her to write her own book. In the beginning phase of writing her first book, she was quite nervous but as she continued, it gave her the confidence to finish it faster.

Swati's love of writing was offered by life. While browsing, he accepted another job offer from an American online training program, which he declined. Many called him crazy, so he was very skeptical when his book came to light. "Deep down, it was a serious choice," she said.

Instead of a stable job, she chose a completely unknown path. "I felt like my chaos was guiding me. I was in an area where I felt my work, my money, and my safety didn't matter," recalls Swati. He added, "I opened myself up to rejection and satire.

People laughed at her decision and advised her not to waste time writing and go back to where he managed to work. "It jumped into my faith." I knew that if I had not written this book, I would never have written it, "said Swati, suddenly startled." Besides, I could only write this book. But others can do it.

Swati's book is a mixture of success and happiness. It became the Indian version of Bridget Jones. The success of his book has been widely criticized. Her book, A Piece of Cake, has been reprinted in six different languages. The success of his book silenced critics. 

Swati is an example of a strong mother who has shown you how to make decisions and work on them to make your dreams come true. Tip for beginners: "Write without fear and just be yourself". 

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