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Incredible Story Of A Tamil Nadu Coolie Who Now Runs The 2500 Cr Empire

Here is a story of a person who will change all your perceptions of success. With truth, constant hard work, and simplicity, he has reached incredible heights in business. Yes, the man at the center of today's story has no educational training, but still turns out to be a heavyweight businessman.

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Incredible Story Of A Tamil Nadu Coolie  Who Now Runs The 2500 Cr Empire

This man first began to work as a coolie in a port, where he loaded and unloaded heavy sacks from ships. Back then, he only dreamed of getting out every day, but over the years he has run a huge business empire valued at millions of dollars. What an inspiration!

MG Muthu, a familiar face in Indian society. The founder of MGM Group was born in a small town in Tamil Nadu to a father who worked as a day laborer in the homes of landowners. It was the time when the family didn't have something to eat every day, but MG hoped that one day he could change the destiny of his life.

Remember that sleeping on an empty stomach was not a surprise. When he was about 10 years old, he saw children from the village attending school and he also met him for a few days, but he was unable to sit in the classroom to fight hunger. He stopped going to school a few days after joining.

He started working with his father at an early age and became a worker. That way they could get more food than the rich landowners threw away. This went on for several years and hoists became part of Muthus' life.

In 1957 he started to work cool in the port of Madras and was able to save money after many years of hard work and marks on his back. It has also built good relationships with the people who work in this industry and capitalized on the savings of a small logistics company.

Amazing Story Of A Coolie From Tamil Nadu Who Now Heads Rs 2,500 Cr Empire  - KenFolios

It is admirable that coolie dared to go into a trade where only the rich could conquer the market. The company hired small vendors as customers who used their goods for loading and unloading. During this time, Matthew only focused on giving his customers a chance to complain. It ensures that everything is delivered on time, made the customer's favorite, and paves the way for future success. He founded his empire and called it the MGM Group.

As I listened to the stories of satisfied customers, larger customers began to emerge, which gave their business a stable life. Today the MGM Group is the leading logistics service provider in the country. After the success of logistics, the MGM group started its activities in coal and mineral mines, grocery chains, and international hotels. The name is also very popular here.

MGM Group recently acquired a beverage company based in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. They make many different liquors, including vodka and whiskey. Every day, he also develops his business in Karnataka.

On the other hand, the company, led by a former coolie, also got the Indian franchise of Malaysian fast food restaurant Marry Brown.

"Where there is a will, there is a way" MG Muthu lived his life under this motto and never stopped working hard day after day. Despite all the unfavorable circumstances surrounding him and the uneducated to support him, he made sure to take a huge leap in his life.

His story is very inspiring and teaches us to focus on our daily improvement.

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