Lockdown Entrepreneurship : From Pratibha Kunoi To Mommy's Kitchen

In this article, we're going to share the business start-up story of 67 years old Grandma Mrs. Pratibha Kunoi, owner and founder of Mommy's Kitchen, Mumbai. We're gonna cover up all about Mommy's Kitchen in this article. So keep your excitement level high and go through this article.

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Lockdown Entrepreneurship : From Pratibha Kunoi To Mommy's Kitchen

  Lockdown throughout the country has caused an increment in employment but on the other side it has bragged entrepreneurship opportunities to lots of people worldwide. 

Today we are going to share the business success story of Pratibha Kanoi, from Mumbai, the owner of  “Mommy’s Kitchen”. She started her entrepreneur career at the age of 67 doing this COVID-19 lockdown period.

Let’s Have An Intro

Pratibha, in spite of having been a housewife till now, had a wish for a source of income for herself but it was pretty difficult for her to look for the opportunities of employment along with taking care of her 3 children as well as husband.         

But when whole the world is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic and our country was going through a lockdown, she got an entrepreneurship idea and very surprisingly a part of this grandmother’s daily routine took shape as a business opportunity.

That’s How She Got Idea

Pratibha was conscious of her family- both the sons, their wives, and her grandchildren. When lockdown took place in the month of March, it became very difficult for the grandchildren who were living without having street food from the market. That’s why she started to make their favorite street foods at home which also included “Pizza”.                          

   Her sons Vishal and Vikas Kanoi, being impressed by the taste and quality of their mom’s pizza, encouraged her to start a small business using her culinary skills. Now a dream of having her own income source was on the way to becoming true.

Launching Of Mommy’s Kitchen

On May 2, she launched Mommy’s Kitchen which serves vegetarian pizzas to the customers. According to Mrs. Pratibha, “ I always love to cook for my family but I had never dreamt of such responses to my pizzas. We started with 10 boxes on the first day with orders from my sons' friends. Within 10 days, we touched the score of 100 boxes. After customers' demand, we started serving pasta also.”

Let’s Check The Menu At A Glance

  Mommy's Kitchen menu includes a large variety of pizzas. Some of those are -Margherita, Primavera, Diet- Pizza, and “Mommy’s Special Signature” pizza.

 Even her pasta is also served with the number of varieties like- Cheese Spaghetti, Spaghetti Arrabbiata, and Aglio E Olio, etc. All these pizzas and pasta items are priced between Rs. 425 and Rs. 555 for the large size (for pizza, it’s 14 inches).

Inside The Kitchen

Pratibha makes all the ingredients herself -the gravy, dough for a pizza base and paneer, etc. She puts hygiene on the top priority. Her in-house team assists her a lot which includes stay-at-home cooks. Delivery across only Mumbai city is done via dedicated chauffeurs, bikers, and services like Dunzo.

As her pizza is getting popular day by day, the production level is being increased. Pratibha's daughter is now in charge of getting online orders.

Types Of Orders They Receive

Most of the orders are for more than one pizza. They usually get corporate gifting requests. Those who want pizzas as the gift for their loved ones, those orders are provided to them gift-wrapped. On the weekends, they get usually 100 plus orders in a day.

Clientele Of Mommy’s Kitchen

Mommy’s Kitchen has made all the popular Mumbaikers fans of its pizzas. Now let’s talk about the clientele of Mommy’s Kitchen. 
Let me tell one or two of the - chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar and wait… the Bachchan family is also on the list.

Owner’s Words

According to Mrs. Pratibha, the owner of Mommy's Kitchen, “ I had never imagined this success on the very first day I thought that if I could even earn ₹10,000 per month I would be happy my children have been extremely supported to this startup but one interesting thing I want to share is that I keep my recipes secret and not even share it with my children for the fear of leaking…. haha.”
     In fact, this story encourages all the women to step forward towards entrepreneurship. Not only women but also all the people can get inspired because, in the current situations, jobs are getting less day by day, so start-ups are the best ideas to earn bucks as well as name.

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