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Monica & Hardesh Chawla

Monica & Hardesh Chawla

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Monica & Hardesh Chawla


Interior Design has become a niche market but Monica and Hardesh Chawla have redefined what interior design really means to be with their company Essentia Environments. Interior designing is for all who are not born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Early Life:

Hardesh Chawla is a stickler for following the rule of ‘less is more’, and he incorporates it into the company that he and his wife, Monica Chawla have lovingly built from the ground up. Holding an MBA from INSEAD, France; Hardesh has over 15 years of experience in designing. Despite being from an engineering background, he has lent himself to the objective of managing a company as its Business Head. He gave up a successful career in real estate and financial services to pursue his true calling, which was creating beautiful spaces for his eager clients.

Monica Chawla is the creative brain behind this venture and is an alumnus from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. The international exposure she received at the beginning of her career has acted as quite an asset in her interior designing capabilities.


Hardesh Chawla is one of the founding members of Adrem Group, the parent company so to speak of Hardesh and Monica’s brainchild is Essentia Environments.

Interior Design and sure-fire success; the story of their rise

The dynamic duo started Essentia Environments, in 1999 and for last 16 years has been going as strong as ever. Their company is a perfect blend of innovative designs scouted out from the international market as well as incorporating desi design along with dabbling in manufacturing and supplying furniture and home décor accessories. It is one of the perfect experiment in the Indian market. Their ethos has always been that stylish and aesthetically pleasing interior design must be available to a larger crowd especially in a country such as India where not everybody has been fortunate enough to be born rich.

For about 16 years, both have been firmly committed to their values and maintained Essentia Environments as a premier interior designing company with their egalitarian approach. Their strategy of working with what they have has brought them clientele of various backgrounds including those seeking opulence, simplicity and those seeking the perfect work environment.

The couple also maintains that real-estate demand in Mumbai keeps their company going. Though the real-estate in Mumbai is on the pricier side yet the size of the living quarters makes it easier to apply their interests, and the residents are not shy about splurging on decorating.


Their clientele list has some well-known names in the world, from Audi and BMW to Ericsson. They have both residential and corporate works in their kitty.

Both, Monica and Hardesh Chawla have managed to make quite a name for themselves through their work and have been featured in issues of magazines such as Inside Outside, GoodHomes, The Design Source, Hi! Blitz etc.

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