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Munaf Kapadia Quit Google To Sell Samosa - Know Why

Munaf Kapadia's Facebook bio reads, 'I am the person who left Google to sell samosas. But what doesn't tell us is that their samosas have been a huge success among five star hotels in Mumbai, Bollywood people and many cuisines who want to try something different.

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Munaf Kapadia Quit Google To Sell Samosa - Know Why

It was difficult for people to understand why an MBA degree holder would leave a completely prudent job at Google and what didn't matter. Today, however, Munaf is one of the under-30s on Forbes' list with a wide range of media outlets, including the BBC, and is a popular choice for all the top features of the biggest city.

It began with a fight

At The Bohri Kitchen, Munaf is the Chief Eating Officer and has a very fascinated story about how it started. Three years ago, she had to fight with her mother to get a TV set because her mother spent a lot of time watching saas-bahu TV series. She realized that she could not watch TV until her mother was busy elsewhere when she thought of using her cooking skills.

While there was talk at home about ways to capitalize on Nafisa's exceptional culinary skills, opening a restaurant or cafe in a city like Mumbai was not good for a middle-class family. Therefore, Manaf did the next best thing. He sent 50 strange letters to his friends inviting them և of his friends to dinner and charging them. He didn't think it would work, as many of them ate their mother's food for free, but people came to their living room as a place to eat heartily.

The Kapadia restaurants, owned by the David Bora Shia Muslim community, cook a lot from Yemen to Gujarat. Bori’s slow-cooked meals weren’t on the restaurant menu, so Munaf saw it as an opportunity without risk. They had the idea of ​​providing food, when people sat around a huge plate to eat, they had a novelty to people outside the community.

Speaking with KenFolios, Munaf said: “Honestly, I had doubts when I left such a prosperous career at Google. I didn't realize this idea had a chance, but now we're pressuring ourselves to open a delivery kitchen. Before opening the homes and kitchens to you, Munaf and the team will quickly run a background check on guests to comfortably invite them."

While it all sounds great, vegetarians don't lose heart. It is a mistake to think that Bohri's food is not about vegetarian delicacies. Kapadia often welcomes vegetarians and offers optional vegetables. If she plans to travel home for the first parade, it will cost her 1,500 to 1,700.

Bohri Kitchen is now widely spread from home and offers a selection of Bohri dishes in Mumbai that can be ordered from their website. All the chefs are trained and supervised by Nafisa herself, Munaf's father buys all the ingredients and says one last word about his taste. Taking this leap was also an educational experience for Munaf, as he learned more about the community from him through guest questions.

Munaf proved that it was a wise decision to start working on his account and did not let capital cause problems. Bohri's honesty with guests and authentic food has made them a strong brand even in the ever-competitive Mumbai market.

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